15 Scrumptious Alaska Food Trucks To Try This Summer

Fun, Flavorful, Fast-Service Alaska Food Trucks You'll Love

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Living The Alaska Life sometimes means that (naturally) - bigger is better. However when it comes to food, it's definitely not always the size that matters. The concentrated & poignant movement of the "food truck" a.k.a. mobile food eatery, is one of the fastest growing (and reliably delicious) restaurant trends to sweep across America. The methodology of "getting it just right" generally involves a simple equation of quality, consistency, and care. Pair that with a niche market and Alaskan's will rejoice with a new, quick-service meal option to cure their curious cravings. Food trucks have the divine commonality of creating a cuisine culture within itself, using easily-relatable outlets to constantly connect at the core with their loyal foodie followers via social media. Then, when you pack scrumdiddlyumptious offerings into a kitchen that can literally cater to you anywhere you'd like (work functions, sporting events, parties, concerts, etc.) and combine that with nitty-gritty passionate-to-the-bone small business owners/chefs that food trucks are (kinda sorta) known for... the outcome can occasionally be out of this world. An explosion of happiness for your taste-buds to indulge in while vacationing to Alaska, or simply enjoying a day of nature and bliss under the midnight sun. These food trucks are convenient, classy little joints that that deliver food made with oodles of love and a mixture of really healthy and mindful authentic finds in the Last Frontier. Here are some of our top Alaska food trucks to try in 2020; Listed in no particular order, but left us starving at the end... :-)

Flickr - Matt Zimmerman

1 – Yeti Dogs in Anchorage, Alaska. Voted best food truck in Alaska by The Daily Meal, with lots of other accolades to follow. Visitors love the consistent quality and ever-changing menu featuring weekly specials and fan favorites. Alaska reindeer sausage is the feature and the "extras" keep customers coming back for more. 

Facebook - Yeti Dogs

2 – Le Truck in Homer, Alaska. The views off Ocean Drive are divine and so is this absolutely delicious food truck! "Local, organic, & wild when possible. Gourmet fusion food to the wondering world! Made with intent. Injected with love. Wrapped in awesomeness!" A trip to the end of the road in Alaska's cosmic hamlet by the sea has never tasted so good! 

Facebook - Le Truck

3 – Tiki Pete's Alaskan Grill in Anchorage, Alaska. Reindeer, crabcakes, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, sausages, and more! There are so many drool-worthy eats at this amazing little spot off of Spenard Road. Nowadays they are also serving up their scrumptious finds at the iconic Moose A'La Mode.

Facebook - Tiki Pete's Alaskan Grill

4 – The Reindeer Hut in Kenai/Soldotna, Alaska. Big appetites rejoice at this charming small-town gem serving up reindeer-scrumptious gyros, salads, elephant ears, fry bread + Russian cream berries, iced coffee, all with undeniably stellar hospitality.  Long story short, it's a new little gem just waiting for you to discover it...

Facebook - The Reindeer Hut

5 – Spice It Up in Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska's Golden Heart City has embraced with incredible new food truck eatery with open arms and starving stomachs! "Bringing Authentic Middle Eastern and Indian street food to Fairbanks for the first time." Visitors rave about their "perfect blends of spices and flavors" as well as the Butter Chicken, Lanb specials, Naan Bread, & great service. 

Facebook - Spice It Up

6 – Happy Bison Barbecue in Palmer, Alaska. Take it to go because these spice rubs and grilling sauces will pair perfectly with all your wild Alaska game meat, and beyond! This award-winning little spot under the sun offers something mouthwatering for every BBQ you throw. Favorites include: Carolina Style Mustard based, tomato-based Big Game or Stampede Heat Grillin' sauces, and their signature Original Spice Rub and Chipotle Mustard Spice Rub!

Facebook - Happy Bison Barbeque

7 – Mochileros Street Food in Anchorage, Alaska. Delicious, authentic goodness complete with handmade tortilla! Here you will find Guatemalan inspired dishes with American fusion that will keep you coming back every time with a big smile. They proudly support local products with vegetarian & gluten free options as well. One of the newest gems in Alaska's biggest city! 

Facebook - Mochileros Street Food

8 – Chinook Hotdogs in Fairbanks, Alaska. The "Sophie" Bus sure does cook up some mean eats onboard this delicious food truck. Visitors love their quality all-beef specialty gourmet hotdogs, homemade pulled-pork sandwiches, handmade pierogies,nacho supremes, soft pretzels, drinks, and much more. 

Facebook - Chinook  Hotdogs

9 – Jen's Thai Food Truck in Tok, Alaska. After 8 long, cold, dark winter months of hanging that dreaded "closed for the season" sign, locals and passer-through's alike rejoice at the sight of Jen's reopening. Authentic Thai food that is truly made with love and an excellent passion for serving up food truck perfection. 

Facebook - Jen's Thai Food

10 – Talkeetna Spinach Bread in Talkeetna, Alaska. Serving up "yummy and fresh" whole foods, this sweet little spot in the charming town of Talkeetna is a favorite summertime express-eatery for locals and visitors alike. Visit the vintage Airstream trailer on Main Street towards the river and enjoy over 18-years worth of gourmet love for all things delicious.

Flickr - C Watts

11 – Burger Bus in Kenai, Alaska. The heart of Old Town Kenai never tasted so good, thanks to years of satisfying service and scrumptious burgers from the wonderful folks at the Burger Bus. This is a "stationed" food truck located off of Overland Avenue, and a true must-visit when heading to the beloved fishing town of Kenai, Alaska. Top rated on TripAdvisor, Google, and more! 

Facebook - Burger Bus

12 - Deckhand Dave's Fish Tacos in Juneau, Alaska. The capital city tastes like pure paradise with a visit to this totally to-die-for taco shack. Mouthwatering seafood options to fuel your inner coastal-cuisine desires in this gorgeous Southeast Alaska town. You gotta love that this is owned and operated by a former commercial fishermen who is passionate about wild Alaskan Salmon, Rockfish and Halibut Fish tacos. Great atmosphere in the heart of downtown Juneau off of South Franklin.

Facebook - Deckhand Dave's Fish Tacos

13 - Ashmo's in Sitka, Alaska. Serving up some of the best wild Alaska seafood out of a food-truck, all in the heart of this charming coastal town. Visitors love the black cod, smoked salmon mac n' cheese, ling cod tacos, and pretty much everything on the menu. So much Y-U-M in such a small little gem of a spot. 

Facebook - Ashmo's

14 - Jimbo's Food Bus in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Great some comfort food after hitting the trails. They serve up American food including burgers, fries, hot-dogs, fish & chips, daily specials, and lots more!  

Facebook - Jimbo's Food Bus

15 - Hamajang Foods in Seward, Alaska. Last but certainly not least is this AMAZING food truck serving up  Pacific Rim fusion, in taco form. Visitors can't get enough of their mouth-watering daily specials with wild Alaska seafood. A summertime treat and must-visit for anyone heading to the beautiful community of Seward on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. 

Facebook - Hamajang Foods. Aloha VIA Alaska

What are your faves? Did we leave any off the list that we should be terribly ashamed about? Please share!
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


How did you miss Jerome’s Kitchen Streatery?

Most authentic Cuban and a Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich’s in the entire state!

Kris Kurtz April 17, 2021

Rueben Haus in Palmer AK

J Vant Land April 17, 2021

Meatza Wagon in Kennicott with great food and terrific view.

Patt Garrett April 17, 2021

You missed the Meatza Wagon in Kennicott (https://meatzawagon.com/). It’s the last place in the world I expected to see a food truck, but after a long day of driving and then walking around in the drizzly, cold rain, their Three Little Pigs Cuban sandwich with homemade bread, homemade mustard, and candied jalapenos was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. They’re closed for the 2020 season, but I plan on making another trip out to Kennicott in 2021, if only to get another sandwich.

Nita April 17, 2021

Yeti Dogs, is a must everytime we visit Kincaid Park.

Karen G April 17, 2021

Jeepney in Anchorage. Alaska’s first Filipino/Filipino fusion food truck.

D April 17, 2021

Our friends Happy bison moved to Oregon :(

J parson April 17, 2021

Wagner’s Pizza Bus at 23 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road is an adventure worthy trip into the wild Alaskan countryside. Everything is delicious!

Outlaw Tamale Lady in North Pole rocks our tamalé cravings 4 days a week. The tomateo sauce is a perfect blend of spicy. Pork, chicken, black bean…all hand made love rolled up in authentic corn husk and steamed to perfection.

Check them out next time you are in the Golden Heart.

Corrie April 17, 2021

Yes you did.

El Green-gos has been blowing up in Anchorage.

Carolina smoked proteins, South American spices, French sauces, Mexican style and locally sourced to boot.

If you haven’t had at least half their menu by now, you may only be half full.

Ryan April 17, 2021

How did you miss the Nitro Grill in Glennallen.

Roger Bovee April 17, 2021

Waffles and Whatnot needs to be on this list ???

Ashley April 17, 2021

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