13 Alaska Dog Sledding Adventures That Offer The Thrill Of A Lifetime

Get up close & personal with Alaska's most beloved sport; Dog Mushing!

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

When you think about what it means to live The Alaska Life, can you possibly think of any sport more Alaskan than dog mushing? Of course not! Imagine yourself sitting on a sled zipping through magnificent panoramic vistas all while being pulled by some of the fastest four-legged athletes on planet earth. There are few things in life more exhilarating than the experience of dog sledding. To rewind a bit, it's important to note that folks in the northern territories of Alaska and beyond have use dogs for centuries to pull sleds, and in fact dog sledding was even used as a primary form of transportation. It wasn't until 1972 that dog mushing became designated at the office state sport of Alaska. First was the tradition of dog mushing and later sled dog racing came about. Many know that Alaska is famed for the Iditarod, known as The Last Great Race on Earth, which runs annually from Anchorage to Nome spanning over a duration of 8-15 days with mushers and their dog teams competing for the big win.

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Today, it's incredible to see how many communities throughout Alaska have taken the love and tremendous effort involved with dog mushing, and embraced welcoming curious visitors into their world by offering dog sledding adventures to the public. In fact, it seems like these dog sledding excursions have their very own niche market perfectly nestled year-round into the Alaska tourism industry. And for this, locals & visitors alike dreaming to get the real Alaska experience, can truly get just that - no matter what time of year it is. Many Iditarod racers and champion winners have kennels throughout the state, allowing guests to get up close & personal with a tours and training techniques, dog sledding, and most importantly... snuggling the sweet senior dogs + cuddling the insanely adorable puppies. Below we have a list of some of the best Alaska dog sledding tours in the Last Frontier.

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1 – Alaska Mushing School in Anchorage, Alaska. Call (907) 793-0647 or visit online HERE for more information on these premier dogsled rides and school. Go on a classic dogsled ride or drive your own sled while enjoying Alaska's winter in the most fun and historic way imaginable. They are located just 60 miles north of Anchorage and operate with 4x Iditarod champion Martin Buser's Happy Trails Kennel as well as up and coming Iditarod competitor Matt Failor's 17th Dog Kennel. 

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2 – Seavey's IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours in Seward, Alaska. Home of 2017 Iditarod Champion Mitch Seavey and award-winning sons Conway Seavey and Dallas Seavey. This is a family of true Alaskans that love and embody the quintessential mushing lifestyle. Visitors will get up close and personal with the Alaska state sport in all the best ways, including the tour of a lifetime. Call (907) 224-8607 for more information of visit online HERE

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3 – Black Spruce Dog Sledding in Fairbanks, Alaska. Call (907) 371-3647 or visit online HERE for more information about these personalized tours operated by husband-wife team, Jeff and KattiJo Deeter. They encourage visitors to come see what the mushing lifestyle is all about through small, intimate tours with friendly Alaskan Huskies and beautiful mountain views.

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4 – Husky Homestead Tours in Denali National Park, Alaska. Oodles of fun, so much history, and the most smooch-able sled dog puppies you'll ever lay eyes on. This tour is incredibly popular and deeply beloved by visitors from all around the world. Call (907) 683-2904 or visit online HERE for more information. This is Iditarod Champion Jeff King's homebase, with highly raved about tours where visitors experience over 40 years of Alaskan adventures in about 2 and 1/2 hours total. Make reservations today to take your 2020 summer to the next level of happiness! 

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5 – Temsco Helicopters Inc. & Glacier Dog-sledding in Juneau, Alaska. Call (907) 789-9501 today to enjoy two amazing thrill rides across the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier; one via helicopter and the next via sled dog adventure. About 2 hours round-trip, this excursion is once in a lifetime and something sure to be a hit with just about anyone and everyone. 

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6 – Alpine Air Alaska, LLC in Girdwood, Alaska. Call (907) 783-2360 or visit online HERE to see what this amazing adventure is all about. They are proud to offer awe-inspiring helicopter tours in Alaska since 1991 where guests can join them for epic flightseeing, unforgettable glacier landings, and glacier dog sledding adventures in both Girdwood and Seward, Alaska. 

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7 – Salmon Berry Tours out of Anchorage, Alaska. Call (907) 278-3572 for all the good information you're looking for, or visit them online HERE. Head north of Anchorage to Talkeetna for a winter-wonderland dog sledding adventure that'll surely have you falling madly in love with Alaska's state sport. 

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8 – Rod's Alaskan Guide Service in North Pole, Alaska. Call (907) 378-1851 or visit online HERE to book a fascinating dog sledding adventure, ice fishing, northern lights viewing, snowmobiling, or guided hunting in Alaska's interior region. 

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9 – Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska in Willow, Alaska. Offering tours year-round since opening in 2003, "SAGA" is truly your one-way stop to living your #bestlife this year. "It's all about the dogs. They want to run. They need to run. They love to run." Visitors love experiencing the joy of traveling with the team via dog sledding on a glacier, helicopter flight seeing and/or travelling through the winter-wonderland trails beneath Denali by dog sled. Call (907) 414-4547 or visit online HERE for the goods. 

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10 –  Turning Heads Kennel in Seward, Alaska. Call (907) 362-4354 or visit online HERE for more info on these amazing trips. These are the adventures of Iditarod Musher Travis Beals, Iditarod Hopeful Sarah Stokey, and their wonderful kennel of Alaskan Husky sled dogs. Come for a dog sled ride (in the winter or summer) and learn about the wonderful sport of mushing from folks that truly, madly, deeply have such an unconditional love for dogs. 

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11 – NorthStar Trekking in Juneau, Alaska. Call (907) 790-4530 or visit online HERE to get all the goods on this amazing tour company located in Alaska's capital city. A larger-than-life helicopter flightseeing trip will lead you to "Dog World" with spectacular views of Tongass National Forest and the Juneau Icefield. The scenery is unreal and the dog sledding is more magical than you can even begin to comprehend... must be experienced to be believed! 

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12 - Seward Helicopter Tours in Seward, Alaska. Call (907) 362-4354 or visit online HERE to book your very own Alaskan dream vacation. Life is good on Godwin Glacier, that's for sure! Imagine your love for dogs elevated on top of a glacier with mountain views as far as the eyes can see! This experience is beyond breathtaking. Founded in 2010, Seward Helicopter Tours has now partnered with Pollux Aviation to offer an award-winning flight and an unbeatable Alaskan sled dog adventure in pure paradise.

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13 - Alaska Sled Dog Tours in Talkeetna, Alaska. Call Call (907) 947-4210 or visit online HERE to get ready to enjoy your very own sled dog trip in the mighty Last Frontier. The charming town of Talkeetna is the perfect base-camp for all of your wildest Alaskan adventures. Located at the scenic homestead of 4-time Iditarod Champion Dallas Seavey, this outdoor adventure offers more than a stunning 90 Iditarod sled dogs and tons of puppies that await you! Drive your own sled and learn about a tradition that'll make your heart smile and your adrenaline rush! 

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As you can see, there are a LOT of incredible options when it comes to Alaska sled dog adventures. We didn't get to them all, but hopefully this list will help while you plan your authentic, up close & personal experience with one of the greatest traditions in Alaska state history. No matter what the season is, we're confident that you'll find the perfect tour for you. As a general recap here is what you can always expect on any tour you take: really cute dogs, lots of puppy snuggles, the finest dog handlers on planet earth, absolutely spectacular views, and crazy amounts of fun. Buckle up, you will love what Alaska has in store for you! 

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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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