This Alaska City Was Voted The Worst Dressed In America

Do you agree that Anchorage, Alaska is the worst dressed city in America?

By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Well, we've never claimed to be a trend-setting state but can you believe Travel & Leisure voted our beloved big-city of Anchorage, Alaska as the worst-dressed city in the entire United States of America? I guess the big fancy magazines don't find flannel, bunny boots, ice-bugs, parkas, and those skirt-over-pants things (skhoops) as fashion-forward? Oh well! We weren't trying to impress anyone with our smart, comfortable, cozy, and casual clothing choices anyway! In general, we tend to dress to stay warm and to stay safe. Not to mention, we sort of have that whole "layers" things down to a science because there is a saying that goes something like, "wait 5 minutes or drive 5 miles and the weather will more than likely change." So be as you will, Alaska fashionistas. We think your ridiculous outfits make you just as unique as the state you live in. And that, is pretty dang cool! Outsiders never had a chance at understanding. 

Flickr - Kevan Dee

We take that whole "science says that dogs resemble their owners" thing very literally up here. You might not think it's cool, but the dogs do! Not to mention, guaranteed that fur and those bunny boots keep her just a warm as all those fur-babies. 

Flickr - Jim O'Neil

If frozen eyelashes and frozen hair doesn't scream "wild Alaska outdoorsman" than we don't know what does! This style is a cool as it gets. ;-)

Flickr - Frank Kovalchek

Head-to-toe fur, a regular Alaskan tuxedo! 

Flickr - Travis

Beards... and beard parades! Only in Anchorage, Alaska! But hey, those big burly beards serve a dual purpose; look like the rugged Alaskan you are + prevent frostbite. 

Flickr - Mike Juvrud

Nothing like wearing a lynx head and/or a wolf head on your head to, err, stay warm... and totally Alaskan! Only in Alaska is it customary to wear your best flannel and Carhartts to just about any formal (or informal) occasion under the sun. Well hey, practicality at it's finest! 

Flickr - Travis

Are you really an Alaskan family if you don't have a pair of XtraTuf's for everyone in your pack? No way! This is just, simply quintessential. 

Flickr - Kim F

During the summertime when the heat turns up and the sun rarely sets for long, the style of Anchorage gets even a little stranger... 

Flickr - Kim F. 

Even our four-legged friends embrace the local style of the land. AKA - dressing to stay warm, not to make a fashion statement. ;-) 

Flickr - Wonderland

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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Lived in AK for over 30 years. In the winter roads are icy,or slush, dark when you go to work and dark when you come home. Moose on the roads, school buses stop and go on icy roads or even worse, frozen rain. Wear short skirts and high heals in January and see how far you get. It only takes once.

Janice April 17, 2021

There isn’t now and never has been a Needless-Markup in Alaska. Nordstrom’s came close at least back in the ’Eighties when Alaska was flush with oil money, but overtime it became more like their “Rack” outlet stores and is now gone altogether, though they do maintain a “Rack” in a mid-town mall.

Art Chance April 17, 2021

Evidently Fairbanks wasn’t in the running…

Sue Hazlett April 17, 2021

What fascinated me on my first visit to Alaska was the counterpunch to all this anti-fashionista clothing was the Nieman-Marcus in Anchorage and its section of glittering evening gowns. Also, the bling at the mushers’ drawing for the sprint race that coincides with the Fur Rondy.

Claire Walter April 17, 2021

I wish more of the world were sensible. Yay Alaska!

Danimal Nellis April 17, 2021

Alaska, where even the hookers wear XtraTufs.

Private April 17, 2021

We have less hangups about dressing to impress. Unless we want to.

Margie Tidwell April 17, 2021

The old adage "We don’t give a damn how they do it “outside” still holds true!! Yea for us!

Melanie Edwards April 17, 2021

How can this be accurate with no photo of Croc shoes in all seasons?

Gale Barnett April 17, 2021

Genuine. Real .
We don’t dress to Impress.
Actions speak louder than clothes.
I am impressed by who is inside the clothing.

Louise Rowe April 17, 2021

We very well could be the worst city for trendy clothes but we do keep ourselves warm, That’s more than I could say for some ? We drive in snow with ) 0 degree`s & lower , We still work in 7inch of snow

Colin Rastall April 17, 2021

? Hey, it’s Alaska! ? We dress with the weather & occasion like everywhere else. ??

Becky Jackson April 17, 2021

This is true and what makes this state Home!

Rebecca April 17, 2021

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