10 Of The Strangest & Most Ridiculous Laws In Alaska


Wild & Zany Alaska Laws That Can Get You Apprehended

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

If you look hard enough, every city and state in America has some laws still in place that will leave you scratching your head in wonder. Alaska is no exception to the rule, with several wild and zany laws that are anything but ordinary. Make sure you pay attention because if you're caught doing any of these, you just might find yourself thrown in jail.  Flickr - Sally
1 – You cannot look at a moose or search for moose from an airplane on the same day that you plan to hunt. You can however "scout" the night before and hunt the next day. Often times though, the moose will have moved. Flickr - Sally
2 – In Anchorage, a person may not live in a trailer as it is being hauled across the city. They also cannot tie a dog to the roof of their car (moving or stationary).  Flickr - Will Buckner
3 – It is illegal to push a live moose out of a moving airplane. Could you even imagine being stuck in an airplane with a live moose? Wacky!  Flickr - Ian Muttoo
4 – It is illegal to whisper in someone's ear while they are moose hunting.  Flickr - Paxson Woelber
5 – In Fairbanks, moose are not allowed to reproduce on city streets.  Flickr - Elizabeth Haslam
6 – It is illegal to wake a sleeping bear for the purposes of taking a picture.  Flickr - riteshm
7 – In Haines, a person may only carry a concealed slingshot if that person has a specific license to do so. Although with firearms, open carry is legal for anyone legally allowed to possess one.  Flickr - Rawle C. Jackman
8 – It is considered a reprimandable offense to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose. In general, feeding anything to wildlife is a crime.  Flickr - Michael Fajardo
9 – In Juneau, owners of flamingos may not let their pets (of any kind) in a barber shop.  Flickr - brewbooks
10 – In Soldotna, a person may not let any "attractive nuisances" on their property. What do you think qualifies as an attractive nuisance? Hmm... Flickr - Kim F
Have you ever had a personal experience with any of these laws (or others that are equally as strange) while living The Alaska Life? We'd really enjoy hearing about how you embrace all the good, bad, and ugly that comes along with living in the most amazingly unique place in the world.
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Alaska requires a 48 hour waiting period between obtaining a marriage license and it being valid and therefore legal to carry out the marriage. Apparently this was established due to an unacceptably high number of marriages followed promptly by annulments stating the reason that the marriage should be regarded as null or invalid is that it was a “drunken mishap”. This created the need for an adequately substantial sobering up period between a giddy couple dashing to the courthouse for a marriage license and allowing them to pursue a legal joining in marriage. That’s an Alaskan for you; to achieve a degree of intoxication that can’t be expected to dissipate in the time frame of a simple “sleeping it off”.

Emilie Keeton April 17, 2021

Number one isn’t strange or ridiculous. It makes sense from an animal conservation perspective and has the added benefit of slowing down trophy hunters.

Jack Conrad April 17, 2021

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