9 Abandoned And Creepy Alaska Places + Stories That'll Make You Cringe

Abandoned, Creepy, Haunted & Eerily Exciting Alaska Life Stories

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

When the world feels like an apocalypse, it's easy to feel a little doomed. But not all creepy, abandoned or eerie situations are bad. Many of the places and stories we are excited to share with you are packed with history, resilience, and overwhelming information. So if you are hunkering down at home and looking for a rabbit-hole of wild and riveting Alaska life stories, you've come to the right place. After each town name is a blue title with clickable link - so feel free to give the link a "tap" and learn a little something eerie & exciting about what each one has to offer.  Flickr – Paxson Woelber
1: Skagway, Alaska - Home To Alaska's Haunted Brother Museum The "Red Onion Saloon" That'll Transport You Back In Time Flickr – RLEVANS
2: lliamna Lake, Alaska - Suspicious Mythical  Hiding Deep Beneath The Surface YouTube – Cryptic Nexus
3: Adak, Alaska - Explore Abandoned WWII & Cold War Military Remnants Flickr – Paxson Woelber
4: Denali Borough, Alaska - "Igloo City" Abandoned Hotel Located In The Middle Of No-Man's Land Flickr – Malcolm Manners
5: Portage, Alaska - The Sunken Ghost Town That Nature Is Reclaiming  Flickr, pbarbosa
6: Dyea, Alaska - Check Out 3 Alaska Ghost Towns That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Wikimedia Commons
7: Cook Inlet, Alaska - “Mayday” - A Terrifying Night Sinking In The Icy Cold Waters Of Cook Inlet Blog by Marty Van Diest
8: Melozi River, Alaska - Scary Encounters While Hunting Near The Molzitna River Blog by Marty Van Diest
9: Dutch Harbor, Alaska - Jaw Dropping Alaska Airport Runways That’ll Make You Cringe Flickr, Tom Doyle
Do you know of any other creepy and abandoned places in Alaska? Also, we'd love to hear of any close calls you've had hunting or frightening experiences at sea. Wikimedia Commons
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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