15 Times Alaska Moose Thought They Were Humans And Got Caught On Candid Camera

Alaska Moose - Video Footage From The Last Frontier

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Alaska moose are absolutely majestic to observe in their natural environment. Not only are they among the largest animals in the Northern Hemisphere (adult males can weigh up to 1500 pounds), but they are also overwhelmingly adorable. It’s nearly impossible to look at the face of a moose without smiling from ear to ear. But as things go in the rugged Last Frontier, wildlife can often times be caught in situations that are far more human-like than one might expect. Because, really, they will pretty much do whatever they can get away with. After all, it was their land first and we simply get awarded the opportunity to share in it with them. Check out all this great moose footage below and prepare to fall even more in love with these glorious creatures.
Moose Facts: Moose are herbivores, meaning that they only eat plants. They can eat as much as 50-60 pounds of food each day. They have no upper front teeth, and only bull moose grow antlers. Moose weigh between 25-35 pounds at birth. Alaska is home to the greatest population of moose in the United States, estimated at 175,000, followed by the lower 48 states of Maine, Wyoming, and Minnesota. Moose in Alaska are the largest sized moose in the world. alaska moose video footage YouTube
1 – The one time a moose wandered into a grocery store in Wasilla, but couldn’t get past the entryway. https://youtu.be/L45lol44dOc
2 – This hungry moose successfully made it into a grocery store in Canada (Alaska's neighbor to the east), before being lured outside by the produce manager with a fresh apple.   https://youtu.be/c7f_YlwacUk
3 – The moose that just wanted to get a checkup at Alaska Regional Hospital. https://youtu.be/po1ujWKFuls
4 – The yearlings who couldn’t stop munching outside of the Soldotna Fred Meyer. https://youtu.be/DJxUzCaPjgw
5 – The sweet baby moose who had fun taking over the kiddy pool as mama moose watched them play. https://youtu.be/91so0aTipZs
6 – The notorious bull moose fight that happened during their annual rut cycle, in an urban Anchorage neighborhood. https://youtu.be/M26ug8MGYlY
7 – The insanely adorable twin moose calves that happily hopped in a neighborhood sprinkler as they cooled off on a hot Anchorage day. https://youtu.be/yNy9jTeolUk
8 – This video might be a little graphic for some, but it captures a cow moose in east Anchorage bedding down and giving birth to twins! WOW! Watch until the end and you’ll see a glimpse at the wobbly little calves taking their first steps. https://youtu.be/WYCtSqHQHeY 9 – The mama moose (with her two babies) that helped themselves to a cooler full of apples in a residential Anchorage neighborhood, as the homeowner captured the whole thing on camera. https://youtu.be/stEwHkfkgqA
10 – The cow moose that was leisurely tending to her hours-old newborn calf born in the Lowe’s parking lot at the Tikahtnu Commons shopping center in northeast Anchorage. https://youtu.be/_YINgBScXec
11 – The curious moose that wanted to see what the neighborhood kids were doing on the trampoline. It’s incredibly impressive how calm, cool, and collected these (super smart) children reacted. https://youtu.be/6zGx_unLvDY
12 – The moose who enjoyed playing a one-part harmony with the wind chimes at a remote cabin near Denali National Park & Preserve. https://youtu.be/pXpzKb74RxE
13 – The hungry midnight munching moose that just wanted to enjoy the sweet taste of pumpkins in the dark. https://youtu.be/iVnOYN51L4w
14 – The adorable twin moose calves who got caught kicking around the beach ball in a Soldotna neighborhood on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. https://youtu.be/KihgJxCOkkE
15 – The cyclist who seamlessly handled sharing the paved path with two meandering moose. This one didn’t happen in Alaska, but it definitely could (and probably does a lot more than we know). https://youtu.be/nOciwYnz2Rs
Looking for more where that came from? Check out these 13 times that Alaska bears thought they were humans, and got caught on candid camera. If you are living and loving The Alaska Life – share your adventures with us on our Facebook page HERE, and they might just end up getting featured in one of our next blog posts.
Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Incredibly special!!

Gailyn April 17, 2021
is in Smithers, BC (Canada.) The moose was dying from ticks… http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/moose-dies-after-stroll-through-b-c-grocery-store-1.1306149
Ben April 17, 2021

Those videos are amazing. Thank you for sharing. I LOVE moose!!!

Denise April 17, 2021

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