7 Road Trips That'll Fuel Your Wanderlust To Travel Alaska This Year

Buckle Up & Fuel Your Wanderlust With These Road Trips

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

In an era where it is smartest to seek the path-less-traveled, far away from the crowds, the wanderlust of an Alaska road trip is the perfect way to follow suit. But when all those cooped-up blues have you itching with cabin fever, you need a little positive distraction to look forward to. When the coast is clear and you're able to load up your family for some awesome Alaska adventures, we have a feeling that some en-route portions of these 7 Alaska road trips might be just what you need. If you have a favorite excursion that we left off the list, we'd love to hear your recommendations as well! Each blue title below is a "clickable link" with all the inside road-trip info you'll need to put the pedal to the medal in 2020.  Flickr – Bureau of Land Management
1: Alaska's Denali Highway Rated Among Top 10 Greatest Drives In America Flickr – Bureau of Land Management Anyone who has ever road-tripped down the Denali Highway knows exactly what all the rage is about. The panoramic beauty is incredible, while the tranquility of being so remote is empowering. When National Geographic listed Alaska’s beloved Denali Highway as one of the top 10 greatest drives in America, we weren’t surprised in the slightest. A drive on the 135-mile-long (mostly gravel) Denali Highway is worthy of everyone’s bucket list this summer season.  
2: Road Tripping On The Top Of The World Highway Cecil Sanders "A few summers back, a family member and friend decided to try and conquer the Klondike Loop on bicycles. The Klondike Loop includes the Alaska Highway from Tok to Whitehorse, the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse to Dawson City, and the Taylor and Top of the World Highways from Dawson City back to Tok. Four of us headed out from Wasilla and drove to Tok then turned toward Dawson City to meet the bikers. For each in our group it would be our first time on the Top of the World Highway."
3: The Ultimate Fishing Fanatics Road Trip For Every Angling Addict 

Living The Alaska Life and being a fishing fanatic, pretty much go hand in hand. It’s not uncommon to hear a story about someone that came up to Alaska for a vacation and then literally got hooked on the magic that the 49th state is known for delivering. Whether you love the thrill of reeling in a monster king salmon, or the delicate finesse of finely finagling a trophy rainbow trout on the end of a fly line, the last frontier has so much magic for every kind of fishing fanatic. The truth is, some of the best kept secret spots are off of the road system (and far to good to give away) but these 10 honey holes will give everyone in Alaska the perfect dose of non-stop action to keep them wetting lines for endless hours under the midnight sun this summer.
4: A Historic Alaska Feat Of The First Automobile Drive From Fairbanks To Valdez Story by Anne Sanders of Last Frontier Magazine "On August 2, 1913, Robert “Bobby” E. Sheldon made history. His arrival in Valdez marked the day that the first automobile was driven by a civilian along the wagon trail from Fairbanks to Valdez—what would later be known as the Richardson Highway."
5: Road Trip Through Alaska's Most Treasured Tiny Towns  Flickr - Erik Halfacre It seems like no matter where you go in Alaska, the most awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounds you in just about every possible direction. Majestic, larger-than-life landscapes are just apart of the norm in the Last Frontier. But what we love the most is stumbling upon tiny little (highly underrated) towns with scenery so undeniably striking that we simply MUST spread the word.  So we designed this Alaska road trip through towns with populations of 1,000 residents or less, because you deserve to be rewarded with this much scenic eye-candy.
6: This Historic Abandoned Alaska Road Trip Will Transport You Back In Time Flickr – Brooke Binkowski This historic abandoned Alaska places road trip is guaranteed to take you back in time. When you combine the scenic beauty found on the Last Frontier’s limited road system, with some of the state’s most influential moments in time, you get this brilliant expedition that will lead you to some of the most fascinating places. In full, this road trip is anticipated to take about one week, as it is 1,500 miles in total length. 
7: Road Trippin’ Alaska; Your Perfect Way To Escape The Crowds In 2020 Photographer - Kenneth Shattuck Jr. It’s hard to imagine a better place to master the art of social distancing than Alaska. With the current state of the world in a disarray over traveling, people are staying home and opting out of their anticipated adventures for 2020 to play it safe. If you’re in Alaska or have the ability to access the state, road-tripping is one of the best ways to get an overload of scenic natural beauty and mind-blowing wildlife encounters. With many restaurants + lodging establishments temporarily closed or operating on limited resources, we’d recommend planning ahead & getting creative.
Do you recommend any other road trips that you've experienced? How about a route you'd like to see a road trip for? Let us know and we'll cater one to you!  Flickr - Paxson Woelber
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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