First Automobile Drive From Fairbanks to Valdez

Bobby Sheldon Makes History in Alaska

This Day in Alaska History - First Automobile from Fairbanks to Valdez

On August 2, 1913, Robert "Bobby" E. Sheldon made history. His arrival in Valdez marked the day that the first automobile was driven by a civilian along the wagon trail from Fairbanks to Valdez—what would later be known as the Richardson Highway. The trail itself was built in 1898 and connected Valdez to Eagle. When gold discoveries lessened in Eagle, the trail was detoured to connect with Fairbanks, which was having its own gold boom at the time.
first automobile First automobile from Fairbanks to Valdez Bobby Sheldon and three others left Fairbanks on July 29th. The group averaged 50 miles a day in Bobby's Ford Model T. Sheldon had the car shipped to Fairbanks by rail and steamship. Because of shipping expenses, by the time it got to Fairbanks Sheldon had spent almost $1300 for the Model T, when the same car could be bought for less than $400 in Detroit. The trip took them about 7 days to complete and they were even able to fit in a detour to Chitina along the way. The journey wasn’t easy and included many obstacles, like having to build their own ferry to cross the Tanana River. Being the first civilian to travel by automobile from Fairbanks to Valdez wasn’t Bobby’s only pioneering accomplishment in Alaska’s automotive history. In his early 20s Bobby introduced Alaska to its first automobile in 1905—a two-seat runabout that Sheldon built himself. As the story goes, Sheldon built the car in order to impress a lady in Skagway where he was living at the time. He didn’t get the girl, but the accomplishment of building Alaska’s first automobile, especially when he’d never seen one in person before, was enough to call the endeavor a success. Bobby Sheldon was a pioneer of a special kind. His drive from Fairbanks to Valdez proved automobile travel from the coast to the interior was possible and laid the foundation for the construction of the Richardson Highway—Alaska’s first highway. story by Anne Sanders of Last Frontier Magazine
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I believe Dave Maddox was along on that trip. And maybe his friend McDonald?

Nancy Webb April 17, 2021

I would like to set the record straight on this discussion. Including the side trip to Chitina the trip was 450 miles and the driving time was 59 hours. To get the full story I suggest reading “Extreme Motoring, Alaska’s First Automobiles and Their Dauntless Drivers” written by Nancy DeWitt. I know this to be the correct facts as I am the granddaughter of
Robert Sheldon.

Jan Plaquet April 17, 2021

And had to build their own ferry to cross a river!

Kathy April 17, 2021

You’re right. I think there must’ve been a typo involved here since the trip is closer to 360 miles. Good eye, Michael!

Kyle April 17, 2021

50 miles/day x 4 days = 200 miles…Fairbanks to Valdez? Don’t think so.

Michael Lindbeck April 17, 2021

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