15 Indisputable Fears That Everyone Living The Alaska Life Has Had

Alaskan Fears That Everyone In The Last Frontier Has Had

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Alaskan fears come in a variety of forms. You see, living The Alaska Life isn’t all just rainbows and butterflies. Sure, we are spoiled by unending beauty and the most epic outdoor playground in the world, but living in the Last Frontier comes with its fair share of struggles. From harsh weather, to subsistence woes, and all those unpredictable wildlife encounters—we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to some (if not all) of these undeniable fears.
1 – Having all of your summertime plans ruined by a “burn ban.” campfire alaska Flickr - Jeremy Taylor Campfires, s'mores, 4th of July celebrations; sorry - you're outta luck!
2 – Or even worse, the devastation that can follow if the bans aren’t adhered to. forest fire alaska Flickr - U.S. Department of Agriculture A single errant spark can ruin a summer for thousands, residents and tourists alike.
3 – Getting bogged in by that treacherous suctioning glacial mud. scary glacial mud alaska Flickr - Lukáš Poláček And you thought you were just taking a nice long walk on the beach… whoops!
4 – Forgetting to file for the Permanent Fund Dividend. pfd money alaska Flickr - 401(K) 2012 When the beginning of October rolls around and everyone else is singing the happy PFD joys, you’ll be … silent.
5 – Having an uninvited intruder roll up on your hunting camp or favorite fishing spot. bear approaching fishermen alaska Flickr - Christoph Strässler Hope you remembered to cache your food stash!
6 – Forgetting to plug in your car when the temps drop. snowed in alaska Flickr - arctic_council Remember to check the overnight forecast before you get too cozy.
7 – Missing an important meeting because, moose must munch… moose at house alaska Flickr - Zach And they’re happily blocking you in your house.
8 – Being stuck in an avalanche. alaskan fears avalanche Flickr - Joseph Brutal, uninvited, and completely terrifying.
9 – Being in the wrong place at the wrong time when an earthquake hits. alaska earthquake Flickr - welcome_to_nunavik Duck and cover!
10 – Disappointing non-producing salmon runs (aka) not being able to fill your freezer. fishing salmon runs alaska Flickr - roger smith In many areas, this is a matter of survival.
11 – Getting stuck in a sea of ice fog with zero visibility. ice fog alaskan fears Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska Alaska’s weather patterns can be very scary and unforgiving. These kind of Alaskan fears keep us on the edge of our seats.
12 – Boarding a plane only to hear the words, “Sorry for the delay, we will now begin the de-icing process.” alaskan fears plane boarding long wait Flickr - Joseph Begin? Couldn’t you do that before squishing us in here like a bunch of sardines?
13 – Having our cherished lands be destroyed. don't trash alaska Flickr - Jimmy Emerson, DVM Respect = longevity. Let’s make sure future generations can enjoy Alaska as much as we do.
14 – Forgetting to pack the mosquito spray. mosquito alaska alaskan fears Flickr - Western Arctic National Parklands Sorry, Mother Nature, I don’t think we’ll be getting along too well today.
15 – The thought of ever having to live anywhere but the Last Frontier. beautiful alaska nature photography Pixabay - skeeze Because Alaska will always be the place that we call home.
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


#12-…You WANT your plane de-iced the last minute, not ahead of time and the deicing fluid washes off…

Steve LaRussa April 17, 2021

Having visitors ALL summer! Love showing off our beautiful state but please spread it out folks.

C lewis April 17, 2021

I was late for my surgery because pregnant mama moose was laying in the middle of the road and when she got up she just trotted down the middle of the road because she didn’t want to walk in the deep snow. Took us 4 slow miles till we got to a cut out and she moved over off the road. Everyone at the hospital could wait to hear our story/see pictures because of course I had to call and tell them I would be late because of a moose.

Kirsten April 17, 2021

I loved living in Alaska! I want to go back and build a cabin on our property in Nikiski and take the boat out every day all Summer and enjoy the Aurora and eat the fish and wild game all Winter!

June Sutej April 17, 2021

I went on a goat hunt and looked down at my truck a few thousand feet below and realized I forgot my sleeping pad! HAHA! I feel your pain…

Kyle April 17, 2021

Also forgetting to pack sleeping bag and/ tent!

Having family from the " lover 48" visit that don’t understand the outhouse!

Diane April 17, 2021

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