23 Hilariously Accurate Ways To Spot Alaska Tourists This Summer

Alaska Tourists - Surefire Ways To Always Spot Them

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Alaska tourists – we know them, we need them, and we love them. Not only are they tremendously vital to our economy, but we commend their great taste in vacation destinations. Anyone who wants to experience the magnificent treasure that is “The Last Frontier,” is someone we’ll gladly welcome with arms wide open. But it’d be a lie to say that we didn’t get a little giggle over the painfully obvious existence of Alaska tourists. We get it; this place is intense! Even residents get caught playing “tourist” from time to time … how could we not? It’s easy to become dumbfounded by your mere surroundings up here. But just so you know (tourist), you stick out like a sore thumb.
1 – Cruise ships by the masses means that your peaceful port is about to become the Alaska version of Disneyland in July.   tourist alaska tourists Flickr - daihung
2 – Smile… you’re on candid camera! Watching watchers watch. tourist alaska tourists Flickr - Jill, Blue Moonbeam Studio
3 – Cruise ships, glaciers, and more Polaroid pictures in one single setting than you can even comprehend. tourist cruise ship alaska tourists Mark McElroy
4 – After the sea excursion comes the land excursion, so be prepared for an insane train depot situation as well.   tourist train depot alaska tourists Flickr - Jasperdo
5 – Like a bunch of sardines squished together on every sidewalk in sight.   tourist crowds alaska tourists Flickr - James Brooks
6 – Tourists love a good dose of urban gold panning. You know, to transport them to the past. tourist gold panning alaska tourists Flickr - Rick Fogerty
7 – Pictures with inanimate objects. tourist with puffin alaska tourists Flickr - Jessica Spengler
8 – Pictures with town signs. tourist posing ketchikan alaska tourists Flickr - Robert Karma
9 – Pictures with murals. tourist posing ketchikan alaska tourists Flickr - Cristina Della Rosa
10 – Pictures with just about anything that’ll let you near it. tourist picture anchorage alaska tourists Flickr - lava
11 – Except wild animals, of course. (But that won’t stop them from trying…)   tourist bear watching alaska tourists Flickr - Bob White
12 – Plus, plenty of pictures with obligatory touristy peace signs thrown up. tourist peace sign alaska tourists Flickr - Nicole Yeager
13 – Moose rides (by grown adults). tourist moose ride alaska tourists Flickr - Kim F
14 – Bear beanies (on grown adults). tourist bear hats alaska tourists Flickr - Rick Fogerty
15 – Parkas in the middle of July. tourists wearing parkas alaska tourists Flickr - Redfishingboat (Mick O)
16 – Matching jackets and a touristy group meeting in the middle of the road. Totally normal.   tourists on road matching coats alaska tourists Flickr - FoxKat
17 – When you want to learn about the local area, but the mosquitoes in Alaska aren’t like they are in the lower 48. mosquito hat alaska tourists Flickr - Terry Feuerborn
18 – Posing with antlers because you feel extra rugged and burly being in Alaska. Grrr! posing with antlers denali alaska tourists Flickr - James Brooks
19 – The ‘Denali lean’ when everyone races to one side of the bus to spot the elusive wildlife out the window. denali lean on park bus alaska tourists Flickr - Josh Kellogg
20 – The touristy dad that knows how to dress the part. funny dad alaska tourists Flickr - Kenneth Cole Schneider
21 – Dog mushing on gravel with six grown adults in tow. dog mushing alaska tourists Flickr - maduarte
22 – Motorhomes… motorhomes alaska tourists Flickr - Kim F
23 – …And motor-coaches, oh my! They have officially arrived.  motor coach alaska tourists Flickr - David Casteel
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Nothing says “I have no idea what I’m doing” quite like a Great Alaskan Holidays rental RV. ??

Jordan Turner April 17, 2021

I bet you don’t mind the money the leave behind

Barb April 17, 2021

Ah ???? #17 I recognised Jack Reakoff, met him there about 7 to 8 years ago. We didn’t put them silly hats on , we just borrowed his electrified tennis racket ??

Tim Broadbent April 17, 2021

Glad you like the visitors!! I’ve been three times, and will come again!!!

Kathryne April 17, 2021

Or the “complimentary rain slickers”aka hooded trashbags that the cruise ships pass out. Always makes for a good chuckle in Southeast.

Sarah Herring April 17, 2021

This is all affectionate of course, we love our visitors!

akbj April 17, 2021

I’m coming up this summer, but NOT on a cruise – not with a group, just solo- & will HIDE when the cruise ships come in. I;m gong for some peace & quiet.

carole April 17, 2021

Love Alaska!! Been many times but never with a tour group !! RV ! Guilty !!!!

Yvonne Tucker April 17, 2021

Don’t forget the ones that like to back into the street with oncoming traffic to take pictures.

Becky April 17, 2021

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