Winter Car Tips! Pro-ish Recommendations

Winter is here, or if you live in Alaska, its likely nearing (no matter what time of the year you're reading this).  What this means is that the temperatures are falling, the ground is firming up, and we are busily preparing for the coming season.  Getting your lawn stuff put away, blowing your hoses down, and getting all of your summertime toys put away are some of the things many Alaskans find themselves doing, often last-minute, before the snow flies. Another thing Alaskans do, or most of us anyway, is prep our vehicles for winter!  Check out the following winter car tips yourself up for success?  We'll leave that for you to decide. Before you read this, for your protection, and likely ours...this is all SATIRE!  We do NOT recommend actually believing anything posted from here down...just sayin' We often get a laugh out of those who aren't familiar with winter driving, and these winter car tips, if you can call them that, are sure to give you a chuckle.  Like one?  Send this article to a friend. Winter Car Tips: Coolant Coolant, it keeps your engine cool while running.  After all, there's several explosions going on every second in your engine, and you need to keep that heat from ruining stuff.  However, in the winter, you might over-cool your good.  Get rid of that coolant STAT! winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Brakes Winter, it means cold.  We all know that cold means stuff moves slowly, gets sticky, and the last thing you need is for your brakes to be sticking.  Putting some oil on your brake rotors will help alleviate these issues. winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Lug Nuts Just like your rotors, you don't want your lug nuts to be sticking and frozen to your wheel studs.  Give them a bit of a loosen before you head out on the winter highways and byways. winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Studded Tires Lets face it, studded tires are EXPENSIVE!  Your summer tires have plenty of tread, and nobody wants to shell out hundreds.  Head to your local hardware store and get a box of screws.  Viola!  Instant studs! winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Windshield Care All that ice and snow buildup on your windshield is disastrous during this cold weather.  Keeping your wiper blades coated with WD-40 means many miles of worry free operation from your windshield wipers! winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Door Locks You've locked your car, and now the keyed entry is completely frozen!  We all know that salt-water doesn't 'really' freeze very well, so giving your locks a healthy spray of saltwater the night before you need the lock will ensure it will melt any ice.  Pro-tip: Don't go too heavy on the salt! winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Clear Windshield Tired of the endless scraping of ice off your windshield so you can see clearly?  If so, this tip is for you!   winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Tire Pressure Making sure your tires are pressurized to manufacturers recommendations is a great way to get the best performance and efficiency out of your tires.  What they don't tell you is that summer air can wreak havoc on your tires.  When it gets cold, be sure to replace the summer air in your tires with the cooler winter air for longevity.  You'll thank us later. winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Clear Windshields When you get home from work, your car is already warm.  Help trap that heat by placing a soaking wet towel on the glass.  The heat has a harder time leaving through the damp cloth and you will be riding as snug as a bug in a rug the next morning. winter car tips Winter Car Tips: Warm-Up Waiting for your vehicle to warm up sometimes seems like it takes longer than watching a Lord of the Rings movie.  Well, no more with this tip.  Keep those warm combustion gasses in the motor to help heat-soak the parts and get things warmed up in no-time! winter car tips   Hate winter?  You might want to check out our 21 Alaska Winter Meme's that hit a bit too close to home for many folks!

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