21 Alaska Winter Memes that Hit Close to Home!

Winter.  Love it or hate it, you can't stop it, and living The Alaska Life means you'll have to endure it!  We felt like lightening the mood for those who are...well...less than thrilled about the upcoming blessings of shorter days, colder weather, slippery roads and sidewalks, and aching backs from shoveling. Those looking forward to winter anticipate skating, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, showshoeing, snowmachining, and a litany of other outdoor experiences that Alaska has to offer amidst the cold, ice and snow!  Either way, these Alaska winter memes will surely put a smile on your face, make you groan because you've experienced the same, or laugh because a friend has had the misfortune of experiencing some of these.  ENJOY! We've all been there.  'Lets go for a hike.  Let's go for a run.  Let's do (insert physical outdoor activity in winter)."  You can't really escape the hoarse throat and often freezing eyebrows, eyelashes, and beards for the guys.  This gal just happened to get some pretty eyelashes courtesy of mother nature! alaska winter memes How much snow did ya get last night?  More than 3 Bud Lights?  Wow, better fire up the snowblower! alaska winter memes We all have that friend.  You know...the one who is 'never cold'....yeah, that guy.... alaska winter memes If you haven't experienced this...you will...I promise alaska winter memes If you haven't seen this person (or been this person)...you will...I promise alaska winter memes What do you mean four wheel drive doesn't make me invincible on the roads? alaska winter memes Interior Alaskans are proud of how they endure the bitter cold...and rightfully so! alaska winter memes Alaskan kids be like: alaska winter memes The 107th of January is actually a state holiday! alaska winter memes Yep.  We call this 'just go with the flow'... alaska winter memes We've all contemplated what was worse... alaska winter memes But I pay my TAXES!!! alaska winter memes Yep...this is true... alaska winter memes Alaska winters...where shaving is optional!  Besides, nobody has seen these legs in months! alaska winter memes Umm...yeah, December 21st, you showed up late to winter...AGAIN! alaska winter memes Us Alaskans take pride in riding our snowmachines.  Snowmobiles are for groomed trails on the U.P. (via Alaska MEMES) alaska winter memes We all have that friend who is always overly-optimistic... alaska winter memes Guaranteed you'll see them post 'Spring is my FAVORITE season!' alaska winter memes Don't blink...you'll miss the sun! alaska winter memes You know second winter is after that weird week in December where it gets to nearly 40 degrees.  Third winter is after that week in March that is unseasonably warm, followed by almost 2 feet of snow... alaska winter memes Let's try to not play lawn darts with your Corolla on the Glenn Highway this year... alaska winter memes Like these Alaska winter memes?  Relate to these Alaska winter memes?  Share them with a friend!  If not, you'll still have to endure whats coming... :)


Actually, kids go out to recess down to -20. Schools don’t close until is -40..maybe. It depends on the boilers working well at those temps with all the coming and going from the outside doors.
(I’m in Fairbanks my 29th year)

Mia April 17, 2021

I lived near Fairbanks for 8 years,as a kid…now I can laugh at these,walking to school in darkness,aaand walking home in darkness too! They closed schools at -20°,but at -19° we went…so at -20 we may die,but -19 we will be fine,lol…

Mike Cass April 17, 2021

You can relate to John Snow already came?

The guy April 17, 2021

Having lived there for over 25 years, I can relate to all of these!!!

Carol Scott April 17, 2021

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