15 Reasons Anyone Who Visits Alaska This Summer Won't Want To Leave

Alaska Summer - A Dream Vacation

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Visiting Alaska during the prime summer months is an experience unlike anything else in the world. Each year, travelers from all around the globe make their way to the Last Frontier to see the rugged wilderness that shines with magnificent beauty. After accessing the 49th state via plane, cruise, or automobile, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a seemingly unlimited amount of natural wonders and outdoor recreational activities. The only problem is that once you visit this prized state, you’ll probably never want to leave. Alaska’s bounty is like nowhere else on planet earth. summer in Alaska Flickr - USDA Forest Service Alaska Region
1: The fishing! Once you’ve reeled in a massive salmon, halibut, trout, or steelhead from the prolific lakes, rivers, streams, and ocean waters of Alaska… you’ll be ruined for life. summer in Alaska Flickr - Bureau of Land Management
2: The mountains! You may have seen ample peaks before, but Alaska’s summits are sure to amaze you. Not only is Alaska home to the highest mountain in North America, Denali (20,320 feet of pure glory), but 12 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are also located in the 49th state. summer in Alaska Flickr - Ian D. Keating
3: Two words: king crab! Dive in and experience a succulent explosion of flavor that is sure to put you in a state of seafood euphoria. This is what livin’ is all about! summer in Alaska Flickr - LH Wong
4: Not to mention... once you feast on the brilliant red flesh of a Copper River salmon fillet (or any wild Alaska salmon for that matter), your tastebuds will be begging you to relocate to this seafood paradise. summer in Alaska Flickr - Ernesto Andrade
5: The small town charm. Once you visit places like Homer, Talkeetna, Healy, Seward, Soldotna, Tok, Palmer, Willow, Cantwell, Kenai, Seldovia, Valdez, or Whittier – you’ll feel right at home. summer in Alaska Flickr - Timothy Wildey
6: The friendly locals. They might be a little wild with a dash of weird, but there is something extra-special about Alaska residents. summer in Alaska Flickr - J. Stephen Conn
7:  The scenic drives. It’ll be hard to go back to where you came from, after driving on the Seward Highway, Old Glenn Highway, Old Denali Highway, George Parks Highway, Edgerton Highway, or the Richardson Highway. Road trippin’ has never looked so good! summer in Alaska Flickr - Abhijit Kamerkar
8: The midnight sun. Sure you might miss those starry summer nights from back home, but the midnight sun delivers two times the summer break. Now THAT is majorly awesome. summer in Alaska Flickr - Marie LaFauci
9: The aurora borealis! The northern lights have the magical ability to captivate visitors to the point that they want to drop everything and move to Alaska. Yes, they are actually THAT incredible. If you’re visiting during the summer, your best chances of spotting the lights will likely be towards the end of the season (September) on a clear, dark night. summer in Alaska Flickr - Arctic Warrior
10: The cultural charm. Learning about the indigenous people of the Last Frontier is easy to do with so many museums and interactive exhibits. Alaska Native culture varies throughout each region, making it easy for visitors to want to stay longer to keep on learning and exploring. summer in Alaska Flickr - Sally
11: Have a soft spot for America’s most beloved companions? Dogs are family in Alaska, and visitors are quick to fall in love with all those adorable sled dogs and the official Alaska state sport of dog mushing. summer in Alaska Flickr - Jason Barnes
12: The ability to transport yourself to the past. Alaska is filled with rich history and features everything from magnificent mines that were abandoned after the Gold Rush, to idyllic towns that survived the horrific 1964 Good Friday Earthquake. Everywhere you go in Alaska has a story worth learning about. summer in Alaska Flickr - Christoph Strässler
13: Alaska is an outdoor playground, perfect for recreational enthusiasts. If you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, golfing, birding, surfing, whitewater rafting, flightseeing, ziplining, mining, hunting, or fishing… Alaska has exactly what you’re looking for! summer in Alaska Flickr - Joseph
14: The ability to feel like you’re a million miles away from it all. Yes, Alaska summers attract millions of visitors from all around the world. But it is also the largest state in the nation, making it easy for people to come enjoy the great 49th state, sans the crowds. summer in Alaska Flickr - Paxson Woelber
15: The sunsets and scenic vistas—nothing else compares. This is HEAVEN ON EARTH! summer in Alaska Flickr - Lisa Matlock
Well there you have it, adventure hounds! If you’re planning on traveling to Alaska this summer, don’t be too alarmed if you end up never wanting to leave. North to the future!
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Made in Fairbanks… lived there, Anchorage, worked in Anchorage, Glenallen, Copper Center, Barrow, Valdez… miss it. Want to come back…

Greg April 17, 2021

Came up one summer to check it out. Never left. (That was 50 years ago). Can’t imagine living anywhere else.

thomas e crowley April 17, 2021

Alaska!!! ahhh my home i was born and raised here. Its so beautiful i cant put it into words. I have found nowhere like it. It has my heart.

Joyce M DeCarufel April 17, 2021

Lived there 4 years and have been back to visit and cruise. Once Alaska grabs your heart it holds it forever. Retirement goals in Palmer or Girdwood ❤???

Cheryl April 17, 2021

The most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. I’ts full of energy!!! Wish I could have stayed longer!!! Loved every second of it!!!

Ileana April 17, 2021

Was there Aug. 2018 (also 2010). Wish I never left! Beautiful!!!. Lower 48 is nothing compared to AK! Will be back!

Kathy April 17, 2021

i cant wait till july 19 i will be there for 10 days so excited

carol April 17, 2021

Alaska is on My Bucket List…?

Mart Kay April 17, 2021

Vamos con amigos y hemos alquilado una motorhome.
Estamos muy ilusionados !!

angela garcia April 17, 2021

I’m in! Can’t wait to get our vacation planned!

Karin April 17, 2021

All true! I didn’t want to leave and would love to go back.

Sue DePalma April 17, 2021

Been there done that

Harold April 17, 2021

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