Moose Steak Marinade - Cooking Moose in Alaska!

Like scores of other Alaskan hunters, I love cooking with moose meat and one of our family favorites is a delicious marinated moose steak cooked on the grill.  There is something inherently satisfying with having the ability to prepare fast, healthy, and enjoyable meals for yourself and your loved ones with meat that you hunted yourself, cleaned yourself, and cooked yourself, completing the entire 'field to table' process! This recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare, saving you time and getting you scores of compliments on the end result in the process....WIN! Combine the following ingredients in a large Ziploc or dish and marinate for 6 hours, then grill! * 1/3 cup soy sauce * 1/2 cup olive oil * 1/3 cup lemon juice * 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce * 1 tablespoon garlic powder * 3 tablespoons dried basil * 1 tablespoon dried parsley * dash of pepper You can opt to marinade for longer and oftentimes we will prepare the recipe the night before and let the moose steak marinade in the fridge overnight.  The next evening you can pull the meat out of the bag, throw it onto a pre-heated grill, and cook to your desired temperature!

moose steak marinade alaska

Serve with red potatoes (boil for approximately 20 mins) and a simple Caesar salad (romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan cheese, croutons).  We have used lettuce grown in our garden, which can grow like gangbusters during the long summer days in Alaska. Sometimes we find ourselves with so much lettuce we hardly know what to do with it!  You can see our mini-garden attempt here.  If you give it a shot, let us know how it turns out!

moose steak marinade side dish

moose steak marinade alaska side dish The finished moose steak!  Like we said before, these are sure to please, so if you end up giving this receive a try for yourself, we'd love to hear how it turns out.  If you liked it, but also added your own 'twist', to this, we'd love to hear that as well!  Enjoy!

moose steak marinade cooking moose in alaska


At what temp do you smoke it? To what temp do you take the meat and do you add bacon or fat to the roast.

Glenn April 17, 2021

Made moose kabobs as well, the flovur was delicious however both of us thought it was very salty. Wondering if the surface area of the kabobs compared to steak may have been the reason. Will try again with a low salt soya sauce.

steve ilott April 17, 2021

Tried this with orange juice instead of lemon didn’t have any and it still turned out amazing thanks

James April 17, 2021

Just put moose roast in marinade in fridge. Will smoke in my Bradly Smoker in the morning..
Low temp long time..

Barry Drury April 17, 2021

Thank you for sharing your recipe. I marinaded the moose for 24 hours. It was very tender. Made for What’s on the Menu tag game.

Ger (BK) April 17, 2021

Can you use any leftover marinade again, even though you had meat marinating in it?

Nell April 17, 2021

Very excited to try this. I am the one who often makes ceremonial moose stew and I was out of my regular marinade. I made one modification: I used 1.5 tablespoons of Montreal steak spice instead of pepper and garlic powder. Can’t wait to try the stew tomorrow ?

TJ April 17, 2021

Good call on the Montreal Steak seasoning! We love that stuff, too!

Kyle April 17, 2021

I’ve had a similar recipe for this, so thought I’d try yours but add my mini twist. Instead of a dash of pepper, I add 1 tablespoon of Montreal steak seasoning. Marinade in ziploc overnight in fridge, bring out and get to room temp before dropping on grill! Absolutely amazing! Will continue to be my go to! Thanks

Chad April 17, 2021

Awesome! We love this recipe as well and use it often!

Kyle April 17, 2021

This is one of my favorite marinades for red meat, makes an awesome gravey if you cook your roast in it as well.

Sylvia Hayes Ostashek April 17, 2021

I have made this several times now, for my moose dishes, and it is just a hit:). This time, I’ve got a roast hanging out in it. I, slow cooking it after marinating overnight, and I expect I’ll throw the remaining marinade in the pot also, to flavour the gravy! Thank you again!!!

Lamb April 17, 2021

Wonderfully delicious moose marinade! Made it for the first time . This recipe is a definite keeper! Thank you for sharing.

Angie April 17, 2021

My husband and I just tried this. We had a big moose roast that we cut into smaller pieces and marinaded for 6 hours. It was amazing! I don’t usually leave comments but this was so good that I had to say Thank You for sharing your recipe.

Valerie April 17, 2021

I continue to use this recipe on moose meat for stews and soups. After marinating I just pour off what little remains and use the meat with the above. I add oxo beef broth. Everyone loves it at every style.

Richard Sinclair April 17, 2021

Fantastic! Let us know how it goes!

Kyle April 17, 2021

First time marinating 2 moose steaks for dinner in 2 days.
They’re on the small side and feel more tender than beef sirloin steaks.
Weather permitting, I’m looking forward to grilling them.

Kelly April 17, 2021

Excellent! Used this on a roast and slow cooker. Using it for stew today. Marinate overnight.

Richard Sinclair April 17, 2021

Marinated moose strip steaks for 2 days then threw them on the grill. Best moose steaks I’ve had.

Eric April 17, 2021

You can do either way! I usually just pop it in the refrigerator in the morning while we prepare other things or go about our day. You can quick marinade for an hour or even as long as overnight!

Kyle April 17, 2021

Great on Alaskan Dall Sheep tenderloin. Skewered with veggies soaked in same marinade/ different bags. Added brn sugar/ honey/ seasoned salt/ hickory smoked salt.

John April 17, 2021

Do I marinate in fridge or room temp

kevin April 17, 2021

Yummy with venison!

DeanaMichnaJohnson April 17, 2021

Very good marinade, made the moose very tender! ?

Nadine April 17, 2021

No moose here in NC but we tried this with venison tenderloin tonight and it was yum!

DeanaMichnaJohnson April 17, 2021

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