Great Alaska Earthquake Memes 2.0 - More is Better!

When it comes to earthquake memes, it seems that it's a case of 'the more the merrier!' Since we are still experiencing literally hundreds of aftershocks from the 7.0 quake that left a fair bit of destruction in its wake, Alaskans are turning to humoring both themselves and others to help calm their nerves, poke fun at misinformed news anchors, and generally have a good time despite huge messes, broken roads, and in some cases torn apart houses. Without waiting any farther, here is the second batch of gems that flew off the shelves faster than the restock of bottled water at Freddies.  ( For more earthquake memes look here for the original Great Alaska Earthquake Memes - 26 Memes to Make You Smile!) Continuing my favorite trend are the earthquake memes featuring Minnesota Drive, which according to some people, connects the Aleutian Islands to the rest of Alaska...who knew?! earthquake memes Meme credit: Hope Frazier   earthquake memes Meme credit: Rose Whitescarver via Alaska MEMES   earthquake memes Meme credit: Randi Matheson   earthquake memes Meme credit: Tia Pietsch via Alaska MEMES   earthquake memes Meme credit: Paxon Woelber via Alaska MEMES No, you're just that messy.... Meme credit: Dawn Stearns-Harris via Alaska MEMES Alaskans not wanting to miss out seeing the destruction in an up-close-and-personal sorta way..., at least it's good material for more earthquake memes. earthquake memes Meme credit: Rachel Ross-Mcilvain Naked, afraid, soap in your eyes, and the lights just went out...great.... earthquake memes Meme credit: Larissa Goecker via Alaska MEMES Naked, blind, stumbling down your house feeling like you're walking on a balloon... earthquake memes Meme credit: Alaska MEMES If contractors in Alaska weren't busy enough... earthquake memes Meme credit: Alaska MEMES This earthquake meme hits a little close to home as this may or may not have been someone married to me during the inital 7.0 quake!... earthquake memes Meme credit: Alaska MEMES Uhh...can you hold the aftershocks...we're good... earthquake memes Meme credit: Alaska MEMES   earthquake memes Yeah, better make another earthquake meme... earthquake memes Meme credit: Phillip Edwards via Alaska MEMES That second one was when ASD decided to cancel school for the WHOLE WEEK... earthquake memes Talk of the town... alaska earthquake Meme credit: Zack Lanipher via Alaska MEMES earthquake memes Meme credit: kimstagram_ak earthquake memes This one is TRULY an Alaska earthquake meme.  When you cant drink your well water, the power is out, and your stove doesn't work, you gotta eat pilot bread!  Thanks Donny! earthquake memes While not necessarily an earthquake meme, this post is worth sharing... earthquake memes Glacial cave photos all year long and nobody blinks.  A guy in a crack in the road and everyone loses their mind... earthquake memes Meme credit: Larry N Brenda Brinkerhoff via Alaska MEMES   Published December 02, 2018 For more Earthquake Memes check out:




Of course we would not intentionally mis-credit someone or withhold the correct information from our audience. This was certainly done in error and we are happy to update this information.

Kyle April 17, 2021

OK! It must’ve just been seen on your FB profile. I’ll update it. Thanks Jessica!

Kyle April 17, 2021

We certainly will update it and with as fast as this stuff is getting shared/posted/saved/sent/etc, its been hard to keep up with. We are trying our best and are happy to give you credit. No problem at all.

Kyle April 17, 2021

Hey all, I don’t know who compiled this list but I did not create the 2012 meme.

Jessica April 17, 2021

The first meme of 2018 poster was made by me, not Jessica. I made that in the middle of Target yesterday. Not sure how the credit goes to someone else other than she saved it off Facebook and uploaded to your page.

Hope Frazier April 17, 2021

Jesicca Dentato did not create that meme. A good friend of mine did. Give credit where credit is due.

Sou April 17, 2021

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