Girdwood, Alaska Named Among World's 10 Greatest Mountain Towns

Girdwood, Alaska - Best of the Last Frontier

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Girdwood, Alaska, is an idyllic little place in the Last Frontier with many claims to fame. Not only has it been named among the top 10 greatest mountain towns in the world by Smarter Travel, but even National Geographic continuously ranks Girdwood as the world’s best ski town. This humble hamlet located at the foothills of the Chugach Mountains was formerly known as “Glacier City” due to the colossal rivers of ice that blanket the surrounding mountains. The scenery is larger-than-life and sure to blow even the most frequent of visitors away. In town you’ll find that the vibes are simple, happy and delightfully laid back. Girdwood has a special community feel that makes it easy to fall in love with and never want to leave. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Frank Kovalchek
Located roughly 40 miles south of Anchorage, accessing Girdwood along the picturesque Seward Highway is an experience in itself. This winding route that leads down the Turnagain Arm is both an All-American Road and a National Scenic Byway, and was voted America's Most Outstanding Scenic Byway by Scenic America. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Larry Eiring
The roadside attractions leading into Girdwood from Anchorage are as good as it gets. McHugh Creek at Mile 111 is a great place take a hike to an unbelievable summit, or to enjoy a picnic in the Anchorage foothills of Chugach State Park. Beluga Point at Mile 110.5 offers the opportunity to view adorable beluga whales from mid-July through August. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - jai Mansson
Bird Creek at Mile 101 is a true angler’s nirvana and also has observation platforms that nature photographers flock to. Bird Point at Mile 96 is another scenic stop that you won’t want to miss. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Peter Rintels
Girdwood is home to an annual population of less than 2,000 residents. The community revolves heavily around the incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities at Alyeska Resort. Girdwood's heavy snowfall and mountain slopes form an ideal combination for winter sports. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - pauljoelhancock
Other wintertime activities include snowshoeing, snow-machining, flightseeing, ice-climbing, and more. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Samir Luther
Girdwood is also a year-round adventure destination. Once the snow melts, the warm spring, summer, and fall months offer all types of outdoor recreational activities. Whitewater rafting and kayaking from Girdwood is a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day in the Last Frontier. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Melanie Chiavatti
Hiking trails including Winner Creek, Crow Pass, and Penguin Peak are just a few of the many excellent options that visitors to Girdwood can enjoy. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Jennifer Pack
Anyone who has been to Girdwood knows that it is a very dog friendly town. Man’s (and woman’s) best friend is treated like royalty in Girdwood. From casually sitting outside the local Chair 5 Restaurant while collecting scraps from passersby, to posing for photoshoots overlooking ample mountain peaks—dogs in Girdwood know a thing or two about what it means to live the Last Frontier dream. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Pablo Paiz
Crow Creek Gold Mine is a great place to learn and experience Alaska’s gold rush days. With the discovery of gold, the mine was established in 1896 and became one the of the most productive placer mines in Alaska. Today, visitors can pan for gold, hike along the Historic Iditarod Trail, or visit the local mess hall, which is the oldest building in the Municipality of Anchorage and on the National Register of Historic Places. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Ayleen Gaspar
Bring the family to enjoy the nearby Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to learn about and view the many different species of orphaned animals including bears, wolves, caribou, musk-ox, and much more. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner
Girdwood is also home to lots of awesome annual events, including the Forest Fair, Blueberry Festival, and the Slush Cup. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Savannah
Girdwood is known for its delicious “foodie” scene. Local area restaurants such as the Double Musky Inn, Jack Sprat, The Bake Shop, Seven Glaciers, Silvertip Grill and Chair 5 are highly raved about. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - Lynn D. Rosentrater
The Sitzmark Bar & Grill has a great nightlife scene going on with live bands, outdoor fire pits, and vibrant hospitality. Girdwood, Alaska Yelp - Chris R.
If you’re someone who prefers to casually take in the sights and local culture without any real plan in mind—Girdwood, Alaska, will not disappoint. This charming mountain town has an easy, breezy feel that is warm, welcoming, and just waiting for you to dive right in. Girdwood, Alaska Flickr - vofuth
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


I can’t believe they didn’t mention the world famous laundromat with all its artwork. It was even voted the "Most beautiful Laundromat in the country.

danny pfister April 17, 2021

In the 70’s Girdwood was growing fast. My wife and I roofed the Jade shop and spent part of the day picking berries. [ remember we had about 20 hours of daylight]

Robert Kienbaum April 17, 2021

I remember Girdwood from 1956-1960, before there was a ski resort, and a population of 2000 people. One of my favorite places to do day-climbing in the surrounding mountains overlooking Knik Arm.

Will Beaty April 17, 2021

I visited Girdwood last summer and it truly is everything you stated in your article !

Elaine Cray April 17, 2021

Sorry I missed it, did get to Whittier and homer spit

Bob hersey April 17, 2021

Been there done that, lived in Alaska since 1966

Byron April 17, 2021

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