Homer, Alaska - Named One Of America’s Happiest Seaside Towns

The Cosmic Hamlet By The Sea

Homer, Alaska

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Homer, Alaska, has been called the “cosmic hamlet by the sea” for as long as we can remember. But don’t worry, the town really does live up to the hype of its nickname. You see, Homer isn’t like all the other towns along the way. This special place at the “end of the road” offers a priceless setting with scenery that is out of this world. An article published by The Seattle Times quoted that Homer is, “... a sort of Key West in a parka.” But more recently, Homer was named one of America’s happiest seaside towns by Coastal Living Magazine. homer alaska Flickr, Damian Manda
Overall, we would describe the feeling that we get in Homer as euphoric. homer spit alaska Flickr, NOAA Public Library

It’s a unique place with relaxed vibes, bucket-loads of good karma, and an addicting personality.

sunset homer alaska Flickr, Keith Cuddeback
From the epic halibut fishing … halibut homer alaska Flickr, Travis
…to the ultimate rush you get reeling in feisty silver salmon from the lagoon on the Homer Spit. homer lagoon alaska Flickr, Isaac Wedin
If you want to fuel your inner fishing fanatic, Homer offers a variety of excellent options to get you out on the salt and ON SOME FISH! fishing charter homer alaska Flickr, Keith Cuddeback
Keep in mind; Homer is so much more than just fishing. Renee Gilbert Photography
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In town you’ll find art galleries clustered on Pioneer Avenue near the Pratt Museum. Observe local historic artifacts such as this rustic pioneer cabin. museum alaska Flickr, Ruth Rainey
Or, head to the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center to view incredible wildlife exhibits. This is a great place to bring the kiddos on a rainy day! Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center Flickr, J. Stephen Conn
The Homer Spit offers lots of fun entertainment to keep you busy all day long. homer spit alaska Flickr, Brian
At the Seafarer’s Memorial visitors can pay their respects to the many brave men and women who have lost their lives at sea. Seafarer’s Memorial homer alaska Flickr, Keith Cuddeback
Walking the docks is a way to submerge yourself into the local feel of things. boat docks homer alaska Flickr, Travis

Walk through the fun shops featuring lots of locally made items, book an excursion, or just explore at your own pace. You never know what kind of stunning panoramic will greet you as you twist and turn through the town streets.

fireweed view homer alaska Flickr, Lisa Matlock
Homer is also a foodie’s nirvana. It has everything from highly adored local bakeries to tiny eateries by the sea, and even historic watering holes that are impossible to ignore. salty dawg saloon homer alaska Flickr, Keith Cuddeback
In the summertime you’ll find the “spit” lined with people camping (both in tents and RVs), flying kites, surf-casting, building sand castles, having beach fires… tent camping homer alaska Flickr, Christopher Griner
…walking the dogs, surfing, kayaking, kite-surfing and more. kites homer alaska Flickr, Emma Forsberg
Occasionally you might even have a cute little visitor pop up and greet you. Homer is filled with these magical moments! otter homer alaska Flickr, Adventures of KM&G-Morris
An abundance of natural beauty makes the area perfect for those who enjoy world class eco-tourism opportunities such as kayaking, photography, wildlife viewing, hiking, glacier viewing and more. bald eagle homer alaska Flickr, Manuel W.
After horseback riding in Homer, you’re guaranteed to be ruined for life. It’s the most surreal experience imaginable. Panoramic views, bright fields of wildflowers and a perfect dose of the local farm country. horseback riding homer alaska Facebook, Trails End Horse Adventures

Everyone should explore the massive 13-mile-long Grewingk Glacier at least once in their lifetime. Located in the Kenai Mountains in Kachemak Bay State Park, this is one of the area’s highest rated attractions. Plus, there are lots of great hiking trails!

Grewingk Glacier homer alaska Flickr, Dave Bezaire
Homer also offers an excellent little marine hub with ferry and water-taxi access to enchanting coastal oases across Kachemak Bay. ferry homer alaska Flickr, Cody Wellons
Visit Halibut Cove and experience stunning vistas as far as the eye can see. Spend the day kayaking while viewing humpback whales breaching in the distance, or catch a concert on the floating amphitheater. halibut cove alaska Loomis Sage Marketing
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Or, go explore the charming waterfront community of Seldovia. Don’t leave town without taking a walk on the Ottorbahn. seldovia alaska Flickr, Francois Philipp
Long story short; a trip to Homer is always a good idea. homer alaska homer spit Flickr, Scott McMurren
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Homer, Alaska, is a happy place that brings out the best in us all. Do you have amazing memories in Homer already? If so, be sure to let us know (in the comments below) about all your favorite past times. If you love getting outdoors and experiencing all the charming small towns that The Alaska Life has to offer, we want to live vicariously through you! Share your favorite small-town Alaska moments with us on our Facebook page by clicking HERE, and they might just end up being featured in one of our next blog posts.
Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


My opinion is Spring, that is when the land is most coloriful with blooming flowers: lupin, and the evasive dandylion. Late Summer is nice too, when the hills and meddows are literally covered with blooming magenta fireweed.

If you fish, check with the city to find out the best time for halibut fishing, trout and salmon, Nothing is tastier than Alaska fresh fish!

The art gallery and studio scene is just as impressive.
Its been a minute since I was there, but for fast good food: Cosmic Kitchen, Cups is fun, explore all the cafes and restaurants, gourmet chiefs are aplenty there.

Sono Arima April 17, 2021

I was hired in 1975 by the KPBSD as an art teacher. Soon I heard a lot about Homer and that early fall with blooming fireweed our family made our first trip to the “hamlet.” We loved the visit and as we were driving out, up Baycrest Hill, I viewed the panoramic view in the rearview mirror and thought to myself, someday I will move us here. In 1980 I was hired as Homer’s Pottery/Art teacher. It was a wonderful 15 years.

John Walsh April 17, 2021

Hi Gary! Remember the Homer Jazz Ensemble? My husband, Steve, put together the band at the Porpoise Room and played drums. Those were some fun times back when you were mayor and the place was full of young, adventurous, long haired hippies! Hope you are good…We left in 1987 for ten years, then returned.

Ginger VanWagoner April 17, 2021

I remember the drive down there from your home in Anchorage. The Beluga whales we saw as we drove Close to the water, the mountain goats on the hills/mountains on the other side and Homer itself where we boarded a cruise boat to travel up the fiords and to the site of the glaciers and their calving activity. I also remember the flight we took with you From Moose Pass over the ice fields and through the valleys seeing bears and eagles from above. I have wonderful memories of my stay in Alaska. I love you both for those experiences. ❤️❤️

Marcia April 17, 2021

That’s way cool. I knew it was a base for monitoring but never herd any stories about it. Growing up as a kid born in 84 we always used to party on the foundation of the old base.

Johnathan tingley April 17, 2021

They actually take them down every year and donate them

Johnathan Tingley April 17, 2021

Ah Homer! Land of the homeroids!

pj April 17, 2021

Homer is where we plan to vacation next summer or fall. To the locals….. what season would you suggest to first timers, to plan a vacation? Cant wait to go!!

Shwmerri Franjs April 17, 2021

If God had a place to retire, it would be here. Love our Homer friends and time spent there ???

Suz April 17, 2021

Brother Isaiah coined that term Cosmic Hamlet by the sea, in his writings in Homer News. He was one of the original barefooters,
who lived at the head of bay, and didn’t wear shoes. I think they built some log buildings, including Alaska Wild Berry bldg, if still there… they had a branch in california, called Fountain of the World,
used to take dates there to see ex bikers perform biblical plays up in canyon near Chatsworth until it got dynamited. . but back to Brother Isaiah he was a very enlightened man and and positive. Had been a fighter pilot in WW2 and sometimes reflected on his near death experiences from that time in Homer News. He is the one who said, “Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea.” I lived there for about 8 or 9 years, and it is a very special place, all of kachemak bay, and Alaska for that matter. did 15 years in Alaska. Worked hard, made some mistakes, but enjoyed my time. subsistence net for salmon, picked coal, enjoyed all the creative events there. Miss it.
Love many people there, and think of them. Including Brother Isaiah. He was the Cosmic one for Homer, used to hang out at the Sterling Cafe at the coffee table with many other colorful homeroids. lol Best, Jay

jay c failing April 17, 2021

It’s a beautiful place to live. If you dont have to work 2 jobs to be here. The police pick and choose who they will protect. The lawmen are gossip mongers. The locals are great.

Lauri April 17, 2021

Thank you Nina, for highlighting the values we have! Standing up for those values has built a beautiful community. We can’t have people thinking that a place like Homer exists without great values, vission and community action.

Katie Connor April 17, 2021

Have been lucky enough to call this beautiful place home for the past 40 years. Can’t imagine living anywhere else! ?

Lara Fleenor April 17, 2021

Those who have a longer memory of the origin of the phrase, " cosmic city by the sea" will know that the “cosmic” part of the appellation was penned by Brother Asaiah Bates.

Gary Williams

gary April 17, 2021

Lived in Anchor Point from 1995-2006 and think you represented Homer quite nicely! Beautiful pictures!

Steve B April 17, 2021

Amazingly beautiful place, and not just because of the scenery. The people are top notch and so hospitable and nice. Fortunate enough to have caught a halibut and saw humpbacks breaching oh so close to our boat in Kachemak Bay. This is a little paradise.❤️

Dale April 17, 2021

I lived in Homer in the mid to late 70’s. 40 years ago sitting in the “Parfait Shop” listening to “Long Cool Woman” on the Juke Box makes me homesick. Population was about 2000, Salty Dog Saloon was always popular. Maybe 2 stop signs, dirt/gravel roads. East end and brown bears! Snow machines and dirt bikes. Remembering the Cannery at the end of the Spit. And of course the USCG Cutter “Sedge”. I’m going back some day! Good people good memories ❤️

Phyllis Terrell Freeman April 17, 2021

Homer is special because its residents have worked hard to protect its wild, scenic qualities, its quiet beauty across the Bay in the fjords; and have pushed back against big development like oil and gas drilling in the Bay, clear cut logging in the State Park across the Bay, navy home-porting, coalbed methane development, jet skis in the Bay, trans- shipment of PCBs, and more. We are pushing back against the Pebble Mine because it is the “wrong mine in the wrong place” and it could have serious impacts to Cook Inlet as well as Homer. This place is unique because the community has chosen to avoid the boom and bust development that has ruined so many other places. I love Homer, “a place of quiet beauty,” that I am proud of because it has chosen to embrace the natural qualities that so many people who live here and who visit here have touted as the qualities that make Homer such a great place to live or visit. Homer truly is an incredible seaside town.

Nina Faust April 17, 2021

Best school system. Blue Ribbon and Silver schools.

Lisa Fellows April 17, 2021

I love Homer and all of our resident’s. The culture in our community is made up of many great organizations all providing incredible services.

Bryan Zak April 17, 2021

Homer is definitely my second choice as a home in Alaska second only to Kenai. Fish there every summer and looking for our first trip back soon. This was a nice story and great pictures. Thanks for the memories.

Jr. White April 17, 2021

I am thinking about accepting a teaching job in Homer, Alaska. Any thoughts/advice?

Anthony April 17, 2021

You’re kidding, right?

Margie S. April 17, 2021

While in Homer check out the 125 mile Kachemak Bay Water Trail, a water route from the Homer Spit around the bay to Seldovia. Forty three sites to camp, hike, relax, view the wildlife and enjoy Kachemak Bay State Park.
Search Kachemak Bay Water Trail and Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park.

David Brann April 17, 2021

Google images of the inside of Salty Dawg. The whole place is filled with $1 bills. They’ve been there so long they’ve turned yellow…

Julia April 17, 2021

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