Friday Media Drilldown September 11th

Its Friday! Here is your media drilldown for the week! Make sure that you catch the best of our content from the week! If its social we are there and we love  to interact with our fans! Make sure you follow us, like us, pin us tweet us and tag us with all of your Alaska adventures! Join us in a moment of silence as we pay respect to those that were innocently lost and those that heroically gave their lives as a result of the September 11th attacks. American Flag under the Aurora Borealis. Photo By: RMEVET Photography   If you missed Kyle and Nicole on the podcast this week about recreating with kids in Alaska, be sure to go on over to iTunes and subscribe so that you will always have our freshest content right at your fingertips! Or head on over HERE and read about the content and listen to the audio on your desktop.   Recreating with Kids in Alaska     Our most popular posts on Facebook this week: Only in Alaska Meme Only In Alaska...   A moose wading in a lake on the Dalton Highway Photo Taken By:Julien Schroder Along the Dalton Highway   Twiter: Fill your life with experiences, not things, Have stories to tell not stuff to show. @thealaskalife  #livethelife #thealaskalife   Instagram: Aurora Borealis in the night sky. Aurora by Instagram follower @williambondiv The Alaska Life on Instagram Join us on Instagram too!

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