Alaska’s Most Whimsical Waterside Retreats That Everyone Should Explore

Whimsical Waterside Retreats Adventurers Will Love

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

When you think about what a "whimsical waterside retreat" looks like, what comes to mind? Maybe it's fishing for king salmon in one of Alaska's most beloved rivers. With 6,640 miles of coastline in Alaska, more than all of the other states' coastlines combined, it's no surprise you'll find these epic waterside retreats in the Last Frontier. Ever try digging for razor clams with a group of your best friends (and FAM) while viewing utterly jaw-dropping volcanoes that are bolting right up out of the earth's surface? Talk about incredible! The sights, scenes, and adventures to be had in the last frontier are unlike anywhere else in the world. This big, bold, beautiful beast of a state has so much to be offered. But after a long winter + spring breakup, nothing gets us more excited than packing up and enjoying a weekend getaway to a whimsical waterside retreat. Check out some of our top Alaska destination travel picks below, and be sure to add these to your summer bucket list STAT.  Each blue title is a clickable link - so feel free to give them a "tap" and learn a little something special about what each & every one has to offer...
1: How To Spend The Perfect Summer Weekend Getaway In The Beautiful Town Of Seward Harbor 360 Hotel Facebook
2: It’s Hard Not To Get Amped About This Kind Of Amazing Copper River Dipnetting Adventure Cecil Sanders of Last Frontier Magazine
3: A Happy Seaside Escape To Homer, Alaska AKA The Cosmic Hamlet By The Sea

4: A Spectacular Day in the Alluring Coastal Town of Seldovia, Alaska   Cecil Sanders
5: 10 Reasons You’ll Love Discovering Alaska’s Emerald Isle Of Kodiak Flickr – Andrew Petersen
6: Glamping, Fishing, And Good Times Galore - You Better Come To Play In China Poot Bay 

7: Exploring Alaska’s Remote Wilderness On Shemya Island In The Western Aleutians Jeff Brummett
8: World-Class Brown Bear Viewing in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park

9: A Guide To Fishing Cooper Lake On Alaska’s Scenic Kenai Peninsula  Kalb Stevenson
10: Pristine Panoramic Views Await Adventurers On Alaska’s Prince Of Wales Island  Sabrena Combs
11: Hiking To Grewingk Glacier Will Lead You Along The Most Stunning Trail In Alaska  Cecil Sanders of Last Frontier Magazine
12: Hook, Line, & Sinker - King Salmon Fishing On The Deshka River Ethan Sanders
13: Whittier - Alaska’s Gateway to Prince William Sound Also Named Weirdest Town in America Flickr – Ken Levine
14: Serious Fun For Everyone Digging For Razor Clams At Polly Creek, Alaska 

15: Breathtakingly Beautiful Scenes All Throughout Southeast Alaska  Flickr – Joseph
16: Otherworldly Views When Hiking The Otterbahn In Striking Seldovia, Alaska  Cecil Sanders of Last Frontier Magazine
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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