3-2-1 Ribs

Awesome Ribs on Your Traeger BBQ Grill!

I stumbled across this idea online for our Traeger barbeque grill that we purchased from Mat-Su BBQ Supply and thought I needed to give it a whirl.  I can say that even though I am a complete rib rookie, I hit it out of the park with this recipe.  I will explain my take on this but due to the amount of variation that someone can add to this recipe, this is merely a guideline.  If you like a sweet rib, use more brown sugar.  If you like a spicy rib, add more rub and spices.  It's pretty simple and will likely turn out a fantastic end product. To begin, you will need to make the mustard base sauce (you can also make a ketchup based sauce).   Keep in mind I was cooking three large sections of rib so depending on how much meat you plan to put on the grill, make your measurements accordingly.  I also had some left over.

Sauce: -Roughly 3/4 cup regular yellow mustard and 3/4 cup dijon mustard -6 Tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce -Roughly 1/2 cup of apple juice -Brown sugar (depending on how thick you like your glaze, keep adding brown sugar) Mix ingredients thoroughly and apply liberally to your ribs.

Once the ribs have been covered in the mustard sauce, coat the ribs in your preferred sake or rub.  We used a Galena Street rib rub from Wisconsin for this particular batch.  Again, coat the ribs well and pat them onto the surfaces (both top and bottom).  Now your ribs are ready for the Traeger.

With fresh aluminum foil below the grating to catch the drips, place the ribs directly on to the grating and place your Traeger on 'smoke'.  Halfway through the smoking process, you can see the rib starting to dry out.  The smell is amazing during the smoking!!

After your 3 hour smoke, its now time to steam the ribs.  First you need to make a foil 'boat' large enough to put each rib section into.  You can add more brown sugar, apple juice, and honey to the ribs at this time but we elected to just add honey and apple juice.  Pour a tiny amount of juice onto the top of the rib, but don't wash off the surface of the rib.  Add most of your juice to the sides of the rib, as this is what is going to steam them.  For the honey drizzle, we used Jonesers Alaska Handmade Vanilla Honey.  We picked up some of this locally at a gun show and it is unreal.  Way sweet and super good.  Make your foil sections large enough to completely close on themselves and then double wrap each section so it can trap the steam and cook the rib.  Now you are going to set the Traeger to 225 and steam them for 2 hours.  For an even more tender rib, steam for 2 1/2 hours.

After the 2 hour steam at 225, be very careful (as the steam/ribs are VERY hot) and remove each rib section from the foil and place them back on the grating.  You will notice that the meat has pulled back from the edge of the bones and the ribs should feel very tender.  Place the Traeger back on the smoke setting and smoke for another hour.  You can also smoke for just another 30 minutes if you are pressed for time.  I enjoy some BBQ sauce on my ribs and put a thin coat of BBQ sauce on before the last hour of smoke. Now eat 'em!!!

The ribs should easily pull out of the meat and you will notice a nice pink smoke ring from the 3 hour smoke process.  These are fantastic ribs and are VERY much worth the wait.  We are using a Traeger Texas Grill and used roughly 1/3 of a topped off pellet hopper using mesquite pellets.  I was impressed at the small amount of chips that were consumed during the 6 hour cooking time.  Try this, you'll love it.

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