17 Incredible Alaska Field Trips Many Kids Took And Will Love Even More Now

Alaska Field Trips That Are Even Better To Enjoy Now

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Alaska field trips offer kids such unique experiences that they are truly impossible to forget. So we decided to take a walk down memory lane to fill Alaskans with a major dose of nostalgia. These adventure destinations have made many kids, past and present, excited about getting out of the classroom for the day. But these field trips are not just for kids—whether you’re a visitor, an adult reliving childhood moments, or an Alaskan who missed out on one of these excursions as a kid, we’re certain that everyone will love visiting these awesome places.
1 – China Poot Bay was a muddy, beachy, sandy and salmon(y) adventure as a kid. Today it’s still a recreational paradise. China Poot Bay Flickr - Andy Morffew
2 – Anchorage is a big city adventure when you’re a rural kid seeing highways, bridges, and skyscrapers for the first time. Anchorage adventure Flickr - Bureau of Land Management
3 – Alaska Railroad trips were a theatrical thrill as a kid. Today, it’s a welcomed weekend escape that allows you to sit back, relax and soak in the beauty of Alaska. Alaska Railroad trips Flickr - Bhasker Hariharan
4 – Eagle River Nature Center is still an outdoor haven where you can enjoy hiking, skiing, wildlife viewing and more. Eagle River Nature Center Flickr - Kelly Marcum
5 – Alaska Sealife Center offers a scenic trip down to Seward, with brilliant marine life to explore once you arrive. The exhibits are fascinating! Alaska Sealife Center Flickr - Scott McMurren
6 – The Imaginarium Science Discovery Center is a place to enjoy art, history, and science, with the most incredible exhibits ever! Today it’s located in the downtown Anchorage Museum. The Imaginarium Science Discovery Center Flickr - Matthew Oliphant
7 – Akhiok rural field trip getaways were the highlight of any kid growing up on Alaska’s Emerald Island of Kodiak. Akhiok Kodiak Flickr, Alaska Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
8 – Alaska State Museum is filled with artifacts and exhibits that will captivate you. Visiting the capital city of Juneau can be a great educational experience. Alaska State Museum, Juneau Yelp - Sheri M.
9 – The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage features adorable animals and offers loads of fun for all ages. The Alaska Zoo, Anchorage Flickr - Jack Johnson
10 – Clam Gulch was a clam digging paradise back in the day, but today the scenic shores offer plentiful beachcombing opportunities to keep you happy as a clam. Clam Gulch Flickr - Chris Lott
11 – Exploring the enchanting exhibits and remarkable scenery at the Denali Visitor Center. Denali Visitor Center Flickr - Srikanth Jandhyala
12 – Hiking in Hatcher Pass, with a visit to the Independence Mine State Historical Park. Independence Mine State Historical Park Flickr - Jason Potter
13 – Cruising in Prince William Sound or the Kenai Fjords National Park with Major Marine Tours. Prince William Sound cruise Flickr - Amy Meredith
14 – A trip to a local sled dog kennel was an interactive way to learn about dog mushing, the official state sport of Alaska. sled dog kennel Flickr - IIya Katsnelson
15 – Westchester Lagoon is a delightful little nature escape located right within the Anchorage city limits. On a clear day the views overlooking Mount Susitna (Sleeping Lady) in the distance are outstanding. Westchester Lagoon Flickr - Alaska Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
16 – Learning about wetlands and vegetation at Fish Lake on the joint Elmendorf-Richardson military base. Fish Lake Elmendorf-Richardson military base Flickr - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
17 – The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage is a larger-than-life experience for kids, but we guarantee adults will love it too! Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Flickr - faungg's photos
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 


Musk ox farm and matanuska dairy farm

Pearl April 17, 2021

The State fish hatchery in Anchorage is a great field trip. Informative, fun, lots of exhibits and beautiful public art, and free.

thomas e crowley April 17, 2021

We did Sea Week in Juneau in the late 60’s and 70’s, used to love that. It included all kinds of beach field trips and more. Spring on the. beach in S.E. Ak. is teaming with life, what a great memory. Don’t know if they still do it, hope they do.

Cynthia Jacobson April 17, 2021

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