13 Adorable Alaska Wildlife Moments That'll Make Your Heart Smile

Celebrating all mom's who have their hands, paws, claws and wings full.

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

We are celebrating all of you hard-working, relentlessly-loving moms out there with this adorable Alaska wildlife video compilation to make your heart smile. After you’re done being spoiled by all the sweet peeps and tiny tots in your life, kick back and take some much deserved rest and relaxation time to soak in all of these magical Alaska wildlife mama and baby moments. These were all captured right here in the Last Frontier, and they’re guaranteed to give you all a good dose of warm-hearted feelings. Enjoy!
1 – The mama moose that brought her new baby to play in the yard while a very happy (and very pregnant) human couple watched in awe. This is so adorable! https://youtu.be/JHgCO9C8k04
2 – The playful polar bear cubs that just wanted to grab their sleepy mama’s attention while she tried to snatch some zZz’s. https://youtu.be/NC7p0CUYUfA
3 – Why did the mama bear and her four adorable cubs cross the road in Valdez? To put on a once-in-a-lifetime show for the anxious onlookers, of course! Footage taken at Solomon Gulch Hatchery. https://youtu.be/oDdSjlOVRwA
4 – The sweet mama sea otter caught on camera cleaning her newborn baby in Alaska waters. She needs to keep him warm and dry, so she spends hours upon hours cleaning him and blowing into his fur. https://youtu.be/via2ATI5Sok
5 – Less than one hour after being birthed, this tiny little wobbly baby reindeer took his first few steps towards ‘breakfast’ with mom at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. https://youtu.be/3_XpuMUrgBM
6 – The black bear sow who hibernated in a cottonwood tree in Alaska, then emerged from hibernation with two new babies. Watch as one of the two cubs gets stuck high above in the branches, until mama comes to the rescue! https://youtu.be/1bAd0UZh9rU
7 – In Alaska, even the largest city is filled with magical wildlife moments. Watch below and you’ll see a mama duck watching her adorable little ducklings swim around in an Anchorage area lake. https://youtu.be/aQFdnBlAcb8
8 – It’s hard to forget the time that the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward rescued an orphaned Beluga whale calf. Does it get any cuter? We think not! https://youtu.be/i6WIguuCik8
9 – This one is a tear jerker … but don’t worry, there is a happy ending! The four day old seal pup that was abandoned on the beach in Alaska’s seaside oasis of Homer, was first cared for by compassionate local residents, before being transported to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward for rehabilitation. The heroes that step up to the plate when mama no longer can. https://youtu.be/dnqV1qAwpf0
10 – Bryce, the blind harbor seal pup that was stranded in the wild, before being rescued and rehabilitated by the incredible team at the Alaska SeaLife Center. Proof that not all heroes wear capes! https://youtu.be/ZPCmvAUd1cI
11 – A stoic mama moose watches on as her two happy little babies jump around in a residential yard sprinkler in Eagle River. https://youtu.be/9TlcUxiA4sM
12 – A determined baby muskox following mama around on soft tundra on Alaska’s North Slope. https://youtu.be/WbH9QEWgCX0
13 – When the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center welcomes new baby wood bison, it’s a wholly adorable sight worthy of its own special visit. https://youtu.be/6e1XbSz26Ro
While we love to see these rare wildlife moments caught on camera, it's important to remember to use extreme caution when encountering Alaska’s wildlife. Mothers with their babies are very protective, and can easily view the presence of a human as a threat. Remember to always keep your distance and to respect wildlife and the land that they roam freely upon in the Last Frontier.
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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Thanks for the great site to enjoy the animals on here I live in Alaska and do see a lot of them. I so enjoy them

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