US Navy Launches Stealth-Fighter-Looking Assault Craft on Kodiak Island

Alaskans living on Kodiak Island created a bit of a buzz online back in 2019 when the US Navy decided to seemingly perform some testing on their Combatant Craft Assault boats, more commonly known as CCA's. cca mk1 kodiak island harbor Photo credit: Misty Downs Lee Photos of the boats being unloaded from a C-17 Globemaster III, backed down a boat ramp, and ultimately floating in the water looked like the beginnings of a wild movie featuring a good looking action hero sporting a British accent known as '007'. cca mk1 c17 unloading kodiak Photo credit: Terry Coe cca mk1 c17 unloading kodiak island Photo credit: Terry Coe mk1 c17 unloading from c17 kodiak Photo credit: Terry Coe It appears that there were two different types of boats playing around the icy waters of Kodiak Island.  The first vessel in question is known as the Combatant Craft Assault (CCA)  which is a 41-foot long craft that is highly versatile, but small enough (by military standards) to be dropped out of and directly into the water from one of the aforementioned C-17 aircraft.  The second appears to be a Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) Mk1, which is the 60-foot long variety. [embed][/embed] CCA's have the main purpose of running mid-range interdiction missions, deploying and extracting Navy SEAL and other special operations type individuals from sensitive or dangerous situations.  Other tasks for the combatant craft will include special reconnaissance; combating terrorism; foreign internal defense; unconventional warfare; preparation of the environment; combating narco-terrorism; personnel recovery; and visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS). cca mk1 boat launch kodiak island Photo credit: Carl Royall cca mk1 launching at kodiak island Photo credit: Misty Downs Lee The contract to produce the single hull, twin-diesel-engine powered CCM Mk.1 was awarded to Oregon Iron Works, Inc. of Clackamas, OR who is purported to deliver a maximum number of 30 of these for 400 million dollars, putting these at roughly 13.33 million for each CMM Mk.1. Likely by design, its hard to put a clear spec-sheet together for the CMM Mk.1, but other than knowing the 60-foot length, we know that the hull is made entirely of a composite material.  Removable modular paneling may help aid the boat in additional protection from enemy fire, and the overall design will make the medium combat craft largely undetectable to enemy surveillance, even for close to shore operations.  Additionally this CMM Mk.1 has a cruising speed of 40 knots (46mph) in a 'sea state 3', which  means wave height from 1.25-2 meters (4.1-6.5 feet). I think its safe to say that photographers on Kodiak Island don't often take photos of local Sea Lions with a 13 million dollar boat in the background. cca mk1 kodiak island sea lions


Thunder in paradise was inspired by the nsw fountain soc Sbt 12 nab Coronado Ca

Luis April 17, 2021

Can you say Straits of Hormuz?

Garry April 17, 2021

Stupid much??? These boats fill a niche. Would you rather read about servicemen’s deaths due to lack of appropriate equipment! You’ve obviously never served!

Taco HT1/USN/Ret April 17, 2021

No waves available in Oregon? More waste!

Bruce April 17, 2021

Kodiak is an arctic training area for waterborne operations for SEALS…. So yeah, not the same as Oregon.

James April 17, 2021

Spec war … great place to be .. hoooya

Chris April 17, 2021

Over paid again.

Julius Lenhart April 17, 2021

Looks like it was inspired by "Thunder in Paradise.

Don April 17, 2021

Appears to have been inspired, somewhat, by the old “PT” boats.

John Pierson April 17, 2021

We need these to fight guys who can’t afford shoes

James Zidar April 17, 2021

WOW!! US NAVY So Impressive!!!
Beautiful Boats <3 God Bless you all, stay safe out there :-)!!

Debbie April 17, 2021

WOW!!! Good lookin’ watercraft!

Nancy April 17, 2021

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