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A lot of time and money goes into the hunts that we do here in Alaska.  The last thing I want to do is finally get a crack at the game we are after and miss the shot due to a bad rest or shooting off hand.  The Primos Trigger Sticks can go a long ways in turning a so-so shooting situation into a solid platform to fill the freezer from. Three years ago we were moose hunting with some friends.  Nicole was the shooter and it didn't take us long to spot a legal bull.  One of our friends tagged along on the stalk and brought a set of Primos Bipod Trigger Sticks.  We had a fairly fast stalk, weaving in and out of the tall brush before finally finding the moose following a cow getting ready to drop over a ridge at 200 yards.  Between the distance and being slightly tired this shot can be very challenging.  However, Nicole set up on the trigger sticks and instantly had a rock solid rest.  She squeezed the trigger delivering a perfect shot on the bull.  That's all I needed to see and ordered a set of these sticks when I got home. trigger sticks primos bipod Ergonomic Pistol-Grip with trigger for instant leg adjustments In preparation for this last years hunt, I was eager to put my trigger sticks to use.  My wife, Kara, was going to be filling our caribou tag so we went to the range to make sure she was ready.  After a few shots off the trigger sticks at 100 yards, not only did I have complete confidence in her shot but more importantly, SHE had the confidence needed to make a quick harvest as well.  Opening morning found Kara and myself in pursuit of a nice bull.  After riding our 6 wheeler a good ways, we closed the last half mile on foot, running down the game trails in attempt to cut off the meandering caribou.  Finally getting close, we spotted the caribou slowly trotting off away from us at 200 yards.  Kara quickly got the trigger sticks up into position on the uneven brushy tundra with one hand.  The caribou turned broadside and stopped for a split second giving Kara the opportunity she needed to put the bullet where it counts. trigger sticks primos bipod caribou hunt Kara taking aim while on a rock-solid rest My Primos Trigger Sticks were used on 6 other hunts this year allowing the shooters to put the bullet right where they wanted it.  The sticks come in 3 different styles- tripod, bipod, and monopod.  The monopod and bipod come in 2 different sizes.  The two section monopod is adjustable 20"-30" and the three section monopod is adjustable 29"-62".  The two section bipod is adjustable 23"-32" and the two section tall bipod is adjustable 36-1/2"-62".  The two section tall tripod is adjustable 36-1/2"-61".  Having all these choices allows you to pick what rest will best suite your needs depending on where you are hunting.  Due to the taller brush in Alaska, I chose the tall bipod and it has shown to be a great choice.  At 36-1/2" it is perfect for kneeling or siting shots but also extends high enough for standing shots. trigger sticks bipod primos Primos Trigger Stick Bipod Version The key feature that makes these sticks stand out from the rest is the ease of adjusting the legs.  Other sticks require you to unlatch or twist each section individually and re-secure each section to lock in the right height.  The trigger stick has a "trigger" that, when pulled, releases all of the legs and adjusts each leg individually depending on the ground height under each leg.  This makes those last few seconds before the shot that much easier, allowing you to move less and find that rock solid rest even on uneven ground.  Other features include a swiveling rubber pistol grip, rubber strap around the legs, and a rubberized 'Y' yoke rest. The yoke rest can easily be removed allowing you to mount other rests or even cameras for after the shot (we have even mounted a Swarovski spotting scope on a tripod version of the Primos trigger stick because our regular tripod was at the very bottom of a gear trailer.  It wasn't perfect but worked great!).  It is also threaded for 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounts. The ease of use is what had me sold on this particular rest and after seeing and using them in the field, I think the trigger stick is a very good piece of equipment and something that will be on most of my hunts.  I don't think this will be something you will take in the mountains in pursuit of sheep and goat, but if you find yourself in most low-land hunting situations, it can come in very handy.  If you are in the market for a rest, take a look at Primos Trigger sticks.  They can truly turn a 200 yard off-hand shot into a 200 yard rock solid harvest opportunity. It might just help you make that shot of a lifetime! Get your own here and they come in various models Primos Monopod Sticks Primos Bipod Sticks Primos Tripod Sticks Two great Alaskan Bull Caribou taken on the same day utilizing Primos Trigger Sticks I have used and owned the tripod sticks and while heavier, the tripod version can double as a spotting scope tripod in a pinch, which can be value-adding.  While it certainly isn't the best option sometimes, it can quickly save you time if your dedicated tripod if buried at the bottom of your gear trailer.  Also, smaller, younger, or less experienced shooters can benefit from the more stable shooting platform that the tripod allows. Snag one of these and you won't be sorry.  This isn't a sheep hunting piece of gear, but for the added security and stability they provide, the Primos Trigger Sticks are worth their place your gear pile.

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They are great, got mono,bi & tri….want new short tri…so easy to use & solid

SgtArms April 17, 2021

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