The 6 Most Beautiful Alaskan Wildflowers You'll See This Summer

by Megan McDonald

The summer season is in full swing, and it's hard not to adore all of the flowers we see outside during our weekend hikes and camping trips. We rounded up some of our favorite Alaskan wildflowers for you to spot next time you're out and about in our beautiful state!

1. Lupine

Alaskan wildflowers lupine
Alan Grinberg / Flickr

Lupine is a stunning blueish purple Alaskan wildflower that loves rocky, poor, soil and can be found in gravel bars and along Alaskan highways. The lupine is tolerant of our wet, cool summers and complement our mountains and glaciers beautifully! They are toxic if ingested, so take care if brought inside around animals and small children.

2. Fireweed

Alaskan wildflowers fireweed
Brian / Flickr

Fireweed is a gorgeous native plant in Alaska that's commonly found in Boreal forests. It gets its name because it is usually among the first growth in barren areas after a forest fire. These are easy to spot as they can grow almost 8 feet tall!

3. Forget-me-not

Alaskan wildflowers forget me not
michael_hamburg69 / Flickr

Who doesn't love Alaska's state flower? This little beauty grows in small clumps, and are frequently found high up in alpine meadows. Even Benny Benson, 13 year old Aleut designer of our state flag, said "The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the Forget-me-not, an Alaskan flower."

4. Chocolate Lily

Alaskan wildflowers chocolate lily
Sitka National Historical Park / Flickr

The chocolate lily is a two foot tall stunner native to Alaska. These flower are well loved for their ability to put nitrogen back into the soil. You'll find them in the meadows of Alaska.

5. Wild Iris

Alaskan wildflowers wild iris
dancingnomad3 / Flickr

Wild Iris are the three foot tall purple beauties that pop up in all of our favorite bird viewing areas. A lover of wet soil, you'll find these gorgeous flowers are usually standing regally alone. It is a poisonous plant so make sure not to throw these on your sandwich!

6. Prickly Rose

Alaskan wildflowers prickly rose

Dorian Wallender / Flickr

The blooms on these prickly shrubs are range from hot pink to the loveliest white. Dotting the nine foot tall bushes, they are highly aromatic and perfect for adding to icing or tea. The rose hips are also very popular, and can be collected in late summer. You can find this stunner pretty much everywhere in Alaska.

Have you had a chance to see any of these beautiful Alaskan wildflowers yet this summer? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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