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We said that once we hit 10,000 facebook fans, we would be giving something away.  Well here it is!  I know it's a bit late, but hey, it was the holiday season :) For 1/1/13, we will be starting a giveaway sponsored by Larry Bartlett of Pristine Ventures!  Definitely check out what Larry is doing over at www.pristineventures.com and leave a comment on the bottom of his TAG bag product page thanking him for hooking us up with this sweet prize!  We are giving away two sets of TAG bags to hopefully cross off one of your gear necessities for the upcoming 2013 hunting season.  We've written a review on what we feel are the best game bags to use and want to hook two of you up with a set of bags yourself.  The sets of bags come in two sizes, a 28x60" bag appropriate for extra large game like moose and bison, and a slightly smaller set at 24x44" appropriate for caribou, moose, and deer. MSRP on these bags are $79 and $65, so you'll want to get in on this, especially if you're stuck using cotton/canvas bags and you haven't experienced a TAG bag! So here are the rules! 1) First, you must be a fan of our facebook page (www.facebook.com/thealaskalife).  While you're on our facebook page, feel free to say hi, shoot us a photo, or interact with one of our recent postings! 2) Next, check out our review of the TAG bags (linked below) and leave a comment on that review page about how you would use a new set of TAG bags and what you hope to harvest this next hunting season.  Your comment on the TAG bag article will be your first entry. 3) To obtain a second entry, share the TAG bag giveaway post that is pinned to the top of our facebook page, then come back to the article and tell us that you've shared the posting on your own facebook page!  If you do both of those things, you'll have two entries to win the bags! 4) We will be choosing winners by taking the total number of comments and pulling two numbers using random.org to see who won!  Unfortunately, we won't be giving both sets of bags to the same person, so if the numbers come up form random.org that have the same person for both numbers, we will re-draw for a second winner. 5) Winners will be announced on our facebook page within 24 hours of the deadline.  Said winners will have 24 hours to respond or another name will be drawn.  Prizes will be shipped within 7-14 business days and shipping costs will be covered by The Alaska Life

TAG Game Bag Review  <--Comment HERE!

We will run the contest for a week and draw winners on 1/8/13 at 8 PM.  GO!


Shared the link for my friends to see!

RoySmith April 17, 2021

We would use these on my daughters first black bear hunt this spring! Yippee!

HeatherSchafferDean April 17, 2021

I done shared it.

BillLyden April 17, 2021

shared link and as for the bag would be very cool for wandering in the woods

JeanDavisBaty April 17, 2021

I will use this sweet sweet tag bag on whatever Alaska Fish and Game deems me worthy of on February 15th at 5:00 PM Alaska Standard time.

BillLyden April 17, 2021

I have not gone camping for 20 years in Alaska so i would love to be reunited with the  great out doors. I grew up hunting with my family and miss it so so so much !!!!!!!!11

carolsincrope April 17, 2021

Posted on my timeline as well.  Thank you!

TrudyCarlson April 17, 2021

I love your site and FB Page.  I would love to take this bag along on my next caribou hunt! Love the color!

TrudyCarlson April 17, 2021

I shared your awesome site and my posting!

SandyLoftisWeihs April 17, 2021

This would be a great addition to my hubbies hunting supplies.  He loves  going for moose!

JanetMaier April 17, 2021


JessBrasier April 17, 2021

Shared! Now my fingers are crossed!

ThomasEarnest April 17, 2021

These are amazing game bags and would go perfect with the cow moose quarters my wife will have this fall after she draws a local cow moose tag!  I love introducing her to the general and technical sides of this great pursuit.  These bags embody both!!!  -Chris

AZinAK April 17, 2021

I posted this on my FB page for my second chance to win. Moose and caribou hunts ahead.

gmaye April 17, 2021

My hubby would love to try out your bags!!

ccondon April 17, 2021

My hubby would love these bags.

MariaBossLewis April 17, 2021


BeckyGraham April 17, 2021

My hubby would love to try out your bags! @Rindlisbachern

ccondon April 17, 2021

Shared this giveaway!  Can’t wait to hear the stories from the winner!

BeckyHicks1 April 17, 2021

I just shared this on my facebook. I know a few people who would like these too!!!

AllisonWatson April 17, 2021

Shared this giveaway!  Can’t wait to hear the stories from the winner!

BeckyHicks1 April 17, 2021

Shared! My hubby would love these for hunting!

TamaraLewis April 17, 2021

Would love to win this ;)

CyndyEarnshaw April 17, 2021

Thinking my husband would love these for hunting!

TamaraLewis April 17, 2021

Awesome web site….Shared :)

mizliz April 17, 2021

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