Nursing Moose Calves Can't Drink Fast Enough

Being a mama moose isn't easy... those nursing moose calves are a bit aggressive! However, you know that mother moose loves those baby moose though, even if only for the fact that they are so adorable. Usually moose have one calf, but it is not uncommon for them to have twins. Moose have also been known to adopt a stray baby moose who has been separated from their birth mother either due to death or accident.  Moose calves when born typically weigh thirty to thirty five pounds. These nursing moose need to put on weight quickly so you can see why they are such voracious eaters. Typically young bull moose will stay with their mothers until they are almost one and a half years old. At that stage in life they typically weigh 550 to 750 pounds. Certainly not "baby moose" anymore! It's amazing to think that these young nursing moose could grow up to weigh almost 1,800 pounds and have antlers that spread almost 6 feet across. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="" autoplay="true"][/video] Video of these adorable moose calves is courtesy of Daryl Coulson and Sandi Mueller Weber.  Taken in Alaska in June 2018. People hike and travel all over Alaska just to witness what can sometimes occur in our own backyards. They are living The Alaska Life for sure! If you are in Alaska and want a guaranteed opportunity to see a moose, The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center makes for a great trip. They can be found only about an hours drive south of Anchorage along the beautiful Turnagain Arm. You can make a great day out of the trip by stopping to check out Girdwood, Alaska along the way. Baby Moose To get an idea for how large Alaskan moose can grow, check out this article A Record Breaking Alaskan Bull Moose - Harvesting a Giant in Alaska. Moose hunters are primarily concerned with obtaining healthy natural meat and filling their freezer. But on that journey, sometimes a 73 year old can score a 73 inch giant at the same time. moose calves LYNX IN ALASKA PLAYS WITH FOOD BEFORE DINNER


This has been updated, and we appreciate you keeping us accountable for a one-letter misspelling. You’re right, the moose are insatiable eaters. Truthful as well, but veracious doesn’t quite fit his time :)

Kyle April 17, 2021

Nice article. However, use a dictionary or spell check. Veracious is actually voracious.

Lora April 17, 2021

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