It will be an interesting finish....2017 Iron Dog

It is going to be interesting to watch the live steam coverage of the Iron Dog finish.  Reports from the trail indicate that Teams #8 and #41 are riding together.  I wonder who will cross the finish line first? (Read our previous post for more details surrounding the Race Marshals decision to disqualify Team #8.) We have this comment from Team #8's Facebook page: "Tyson and Tyler are on the move. Currently riding alongside team 41. I encourage everyone to come forward in Fairbanks and cheer on TNT at they cross the finish line in 1st place. "  -AJ

Below are the two teams at the Big Lake Staring Line

Meanwhile there is a battle on for 2nd place between Team #17 Gueco/VanMeter and Team #49 'The Sons of Thunder'.  GPS tracking shows them leap frogging each other on the way to Nenana. Brothers Klint and Kris VanWingerden are really the Cinderella story of this years Iron Dog.  This is their 3rd race, having run it in 2015 and 2016 riding Yamaha's.  Switching to Polaris this year and with a couple of races under their belts for the learning curve and experience, along with a clean run, they suddenly find themselves more than likely amongst the top 3 finishers.  They are classy gentlemen and are sincere about their faith.  Good job guys!

Dusty VanMeter of Team #17 is in his 21st Iron Dog and is a 5-time champ and will be hard to beat to the finish line along with riding partner Chad Gueco, they are riding Skidoos. Contending for 4th place at this point is Jason Gundersen and Josh Norum of Team#28 on also on Skidoos. In regard to the social media storm that has generated more heat than an Alaskan winter has seen in a long time.  Lets take a moment to catch our breath.  I think there may be more to this story and more facts will most likely surface.  


Thanks for the correct info Shae. I edited it.

Kyle April 17, 2021

I have lost ALL respect for Iron Dog over this horrible decision, and then their making the matter even worse by the way they have chosen to treat TNT for the remainder of the day! I will never support them again unless they are able to get their heads out of Lee Davis’ ass and do the right thing! Special thanks to team 41 for recognizing how terrible this decision was, and attempting to do the right thing, up until Iron Dog once again reached out with their long arm of tyrannical rule! It is a sad day for this once great event.

Curtis Johnson April 17, 2021

Dusty is a 5 time iron dog champion not 4.

Shae April 17, 2021

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