Installing Redback One Combat Pistol Sights

A photo-guide on installing RB1's 10-8 Performance Combat Pistol Sights

Nicole was needing a new set of sights for her personal Glock model 19 and I thought I would document her installing these on her own pistol.  We have reviewed some of the upgrades that we feel are advantageous for the end user in our Practical Glock Modifications article, and the Redback One Combat Pistol Sights from 10-8 Performance are second to none.

1)  Remove the factory front sight post.  For all of our Glock sight installations, we are utilizing the Glockmeister sight tool package found here which includes both the rear sight pusher and the front hex wrench tool.  Ameriglo and other manufacturers sometimes include a small hex front sight tool, but I feel that the Glockmeister set to be of higher quality and easier to use due to its size.

2) Seat the new front sight post into the cutout on the top of the slide.  It is important to fully seat the front sight so that it is flush with the slide.  Not doing so may damage the front sight or hex screw if installed in this manner.

3) After the front sight has been seated into the slide, place a dab of loctite onto the small hex screw.  On all of the other installations that I have done, high strength red loctite (271) has been used, but the low strength blue loctite (242) was all we had for this installation, so as Jason Falla would say, it was the 'order of the day'.  Tighten the hex screw into the front sight blade until it is tight.  It is very possible to over-tighten this small screw and strip it out, so go easy and just go past a firm snug.  The loctite will help you out here.  Last but not least, do not cross thread this screw and MAKE SURE IT IS STRAIGHT!!

4) Remove the factory Glock rear sight.  You can see that the Glockmeiseter rear sight tool has cuts in the side where the slide rides that fit into the rear cocking serrations, making it very secure when pushing rear sights in and out.

5) Push new rear sight into slide.  There 'should' be enough room for you to not have to take the sight out of the tool to evenly space the new rear sight into the slide, but in the event that you cannot push the new sight perfectly into place, simply take the slide out, turn it around, and push from the opposite direction, giving you more space.

6) The Redback One Combat Pistol Sights include a small set screw for added security that your rear sight will not move.  We have added a small dab of blue loctite to this screw as well.  I generally tighten this locking screw a bit tighter than I would the front sight hex screw.

7) You're done!  Reassemble your Glock and enjoy a huge upgrade from the factory sighting system you had previously been using.

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