Hatcher Pass - 25 Reasons That'll Make You Want To Visit

Hatcher Pass Photo Gallery

A collection of images from all seasons of the beautiful Hatcher Pass and surrounding area

by Cecil Sanders
Hatcher Pass is an amazing place. The mountains are worthy of a simple evening drive. The many trails have so much flora and fauna waiting to be discovered. The abandoned gold mines are full of history to learn about. It's a place that is easy to fall in love with and for those who've never been—the following photo gallery is sure to inspire a visit.
hatcher pass cecil sanders The Little Susitna River flows over and around a field of boulders descending into a small canyon
hatcher pass cecil sanders Mt. Hunter in the Alaska Range as seen from Hatcher Pass
hatcher pass cecil sanders The old Gold Bullion Cabin
Lupine in bloom near the headwaters of the Little Susitna River
hatcher pass cecil sanders The Mint Hut sits below Mint Glacier on the Gold Mint Trail. Read more here: "Gold Mint Trail"
hatcher pass cecil sanders Skiing in a winter wonderland near Independence Mine
hatcher pass cecil sanders Tracks leading out of a mine
hatcher pass cecil sanders Independence Mine beneath the aurora in mid-winter
hatcher pass cecil sanders Talkeetna Range beneath the milky way and a faint aurora display
hatcher pass cecil sanders Lupine blooming in Hatcher Pass
hatcher pass cecil sanders Hatcher Pass Lodge in late autumn with snow creeping down the Talkeetna Range
hatcher pass cecil sanders A least weasel poses on top of a rock near the Gold Cord Lake trail
hatcher pass cecil sanders Aurora explodes overhead in late September along the banks of the Little Susitna River
hatcher pass cecil sanders The historic sod Lynch Cabin below Gold Cord Lake in Hatcher Pass
hatcher pass cecil sanders The sun setting behind the Talkeetna Range with Fishhook Creek descending toward the Little Susitna River
hatcher pass cecil sanders Archangel Valley after an early snow
hatcher pass cecil sanders Aurora above Palmer from Hatcher Pass
hatcher pass cecil sanders The Little Susitna River in early autumn
hatcher pass cecil sanders Arctic cotton grass along a beaver dam in Archangel Valley
hatcher pass cecil sanders Independence Mine with termination dust
hatcher pass cecil sanders Large pools of clear water along the Reed Lakes Trail
hatcher pass cecil sanders A hoary marmot closely watching hikers
hatcher pass cecil sanders Purple flowers covering the mossy ground
hatcher pass cecil sanders Fireweed blossoming with snow on the peaks in Hatcher Pass
hatcher pass cecil sanders Baby birds waiting for a meal


I like it so much I retired here ten years ago back before they straightened Trunk Rd. Lots of new high mes out here now. Feels like a ski resort town since the slopes opened. Going snow machining today and ski this weekend.

Ken boze April 17, 2021

Love that place back in 75 thru 82 every new years for 3 nights we had that lodge and the out bldgs my dad was friends with Hap Wurlitzer that owned it the best new years eves of my life those years!

James Gray April 17, 2021

Thanks for sharing. Its really informative.

TimesDiary.com April 17, 2021

We lived in Anchorage for 26 years, and I got to see a good share of this unique state. Hatcher Pass is indeed a very scenic adventure. But I would also nominate a few others as well. The road into Denali Park would probably top my list. The drive down the Kenai Peninsula is also quite breath taking. I also very much enjoyed the many cruses I took in Prince William Sound, especially out of Whittier. There is a “muy buena vista” on just about every hy-way and by-way that you take in the beautiful state.

Jame Lillo April 17, 2021

I spent many days by myself there when I was a junior at East High in Anchorage. My folks had just moved to Anchorage from Oregon, and in the mid 70’s, it was just amazing. No many people, no mining on the lower part of the Little Su, Kings and Dolly Varden galore, occasionally a moose and once a bear, the roadhouse/restaurant at the bottom of the hill. I loved it there.

Randy Key April 17, 2021

Hello! You sound like an expert, and I have been doing a lot of research on the best hike to do up the Hatcher’s pass if we don’t have a lot of time. Would you recommend Gold Cord trail or April Bowl? They are both about the same distance.

Jessica Porter April 17, 2021

You won’t go wrong with either one!

Kyle April 17, 2021

Absolutely love Hatchers pass! Had to go twice. The views are amazing.

Karla April 17, 2021

This is where my ashes will be spread when the times comes. MANY years from now (hopefully) . .

Grayson C April 17, 2021

Visited here in June 2015. It truly is a wonderful place. Must return, but it is a long way from New Zealand

Steve C P Otto April 17, 2021

one of my favorite places in AK!

Abigail Van Patter April 17, 2021

Wonderful photography of one of my favorite places – I visit, and keep revisiting!

Karl April 17, 2021

You are welcome. Glad you enjoy it!

Cecil April 17, 2021

I am trying to think of a place in Alaska I enjoy more than Hatcher Pass… … still thinking…

Cecil April 17, 2021

Yes, HP is an amazing place!

Cecil April 17, 2021

This is where I live! Can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Marion April 17, 2021

thanks for the wonderful refresher of your splendid wedding there in 2001.
i remember so many beautiful scenes. What a perfect day.
love, mom

Evelyn Sarns Holiday April 17, 2021

Thank you, lovely…my three children each had a rep from their respective families in the Hatcher Pass Marathon this year; such a thrill!

Anne Gonzalez April 17, 2021

I miss Hatcher Pass. I was born in Anchorage but raised in Palmer. We lived in Palmer but mom chose to go to Anchorage. Hatcher Pass was like my backyard. Hiking in the summer and sledding in the winter.
When my husband and I retired we sold our home to be close to our grandsons. I try to get back home when possible.

Peggy Wilson April 17, 2021

This is one of my most favorite spots. When I lived in Alaska I went all the time by myself once I learned how to drive. I really miss it.

Vicki April 17, 2021

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