FIREClean Gun Oil - Cleans, Lubricates, and Conditions!

FIREClean Gun Oil - Advanced Gun Oil that 'Cleans-Lubricates-Conditions' The good thing about the firearms industry is that there are always new products coming to market as both companies and individuals alike are striving to produce new gear/equipment/tools for the end-user that might solve a particular problem or meet market demands.  The flip side of this coin is that some of this new gear can be, well, not very good at all and some of it can be downright goofy!  FIREClean gun oil is a product that claims to be an 'all-in-one' lubricant, cleaner, and metal conditioner.  Typically all-in-one products, in my opinion, do an OK job at covering some of the bases, but don't excel at what they claim to offer for performance.  I believe FIREClean gun oil to be an exception to that. I was first introduced to FIREClean gun oil in 2011 when Jason Falla of Redback One came to Alaska for a Basic Pistol course.  During one of the breaks in the course, while students were topping off magazines, Jason mentioned in passing this oil that he was using, put a tester bottle on the bench, and told everyone that they were free to slap some on their pistol if they'd like.  One thing about Jason is that if he doesn't like a product, he's going to tell it like it is.  It doesn't matter if its a VERY popular product either.  If it isn't working for him, he will let you know why, and explain how it could be improved or why another product can fill the role.  With Jason being an instructor and shooting all year long, I take what people like him say as a clue that maybe they might know what they're talking about. A handful of students, along with myself, did a basic field strip on their pistols and took advantage of the offer.  Upon his departure, Jason left the tester bottle with me to keep spreading the word.  I decided to not clean my Glock for quite some time to see how the oil performed.  After the shooting at that course, we continued our training at the range until Jason returned in 2012 for a Tactical/Combat pistol course along with a Basic Carbine course.  The tester bottle of FIREClean came along with me for every one of these outings, continuing to lube and clean both carbines and pistols for other students.  I was providing firearms for many of the students at the courses and would clean and lube at least a half dozen guns (except my dirty Glock) between training days and to clean and re-lube before putting them back in the safe for storage.  This little bottle was racking up the number of firearms that it was cleaning and lubing pretty steadily. I would guess that after 2,500 rounds fired in my Glock, I decided to field strip the pistol and have a look.  It was, as expected, filthy.  But what I did notice is that even with just a few minor lubings here and there, the oil was still present inside the pistol and it was still doing its job!  I couldn't take it any longer and decided to detail strip the frame and slide and give it a proper cleaning.  After a paper towel and a few q-tips to get in the tight places, the glock looked like new.  No more scraping carbon fouling off of parts or soaking them for long periods of time to get them to loosen.  When using FIREClean gun oil, it seems to be simply wipe-down and re-apply.

fireclean gun oil glock 22

fireclean gun oil glock

As we continued our training with Jason at his Combat Carbine course, the tester bottle of FIREClean gun oil kept notching its belt on the number of pistols and carbines that it had been servicing.  This is a testament to how far the product goes and how long it lasts.  Myself, along with many other shooters, had been pulling from this bottle for more than two years.  A little bit goes a long ways.  The bolt carrier pictured below has roughly 500 rounds on it.  Not a huge amount, but enough to show signs of carbon buildup and make a mess.  This is a quick before/after shot of the stripped bolt carrier to show how easily the carbon wipes away.  The firing pin is back to bright and shiny and the other parts are free of oiled carbon...all with one paper towel.  I even wiped a second carrier down with the same towel.

fireclean gun oil ar-15 bolt carrier group

ar-15 bolt carrier group cleaned with fireclean gun oil

fireclean gun oil

When talking about gun oils in Alaska, every first-thought is 'How does it perform in the cold?'  I spoke with the FIREClean guys and their recommendation for cold weather use would be to use even less than the normal amount on your working parts.  A friend of mine in Talkeetna did some testing in 30 below zero temperatures by placing a dab of FIREClean gun oil, motor-oil, and another popular gun lube on a metal sheet overnight.  All of the oils were nearly a solid at this temperature, but even in a solid state, the FIREClean was still extremely slippery once you touched it, whereas the others had some sort of sticky tendency.  I left my half-full bottle of oil out in 20 below weather at my house and found the same result.  The oil was certainly a 'solid' but still extremely lubricating.

So how long does this stuff actually last you?  The photo below shows how much is left of the tester bottle after lubricating and cleaning over 100 pistols, carbines and bolt action rifles.  This photo also shows a 1-ounce bottle!  For a comparison, you can generally find Rem-Oil for around $1 per ounce of oil.  Compared to FIREClean, which is just under $7.50 per ounce, its way more expensive.  I don't even want to know how much Rem-Oil it would've taken to do the same job as this partial ounce of FIREClean, but I'm confident using the FIREClean gun oil would be cheaper in the long run.

I'm under the current impression that if you want to use an oil that lives up to its claims of cleaning, lubricating, and conditioning, all while being SAFE and non-toxic, FIREClean gun oil is an obvious first choice.  I've formed this opinion over two years of using it and seeing others have great success with it as well.  It's good stuff...simple as that.  Want to order a bottle?  Click the link below to get some headed your way:

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