Burlap & Black Spruce Wall Decor

When looking to add a bit of rustic appeal to match and accent the amazing home-built Alaskan black spruce log changing table for our baby boy, I added the final touch to "Caleb's corner" with these DIY burlap wall decor and frames!  This was a fast and easy project but I'm so happy with how they came out.  Here are the steps I took ... 1.  Cut a piece of plywood to desired size.  I used two 10x10 plywood squares.  Any sort of hardboard can be used for this.  I just happened to have some plywood around the house that fit the bill perfectly for this small project 2. Cut burlap to allow for at least a 1 inch "hem" on all edges (ex. at least 12x12 for 10x10 square).  Tightly wrap burlap around plywood and use staple gun to secure the burlap to the underside of the wood.  The excess on the edges simply makes it much easier to work with 3. Affix desired stencil to burlap using double-sided tape or spray adhesive.  You can even cut your own stencils from images found online if you like.  For an added tip, you could use either side of the cutout to make either a burlap colored bear or a paint colored bear, for example 4. Using a stencil sponge brush, carefully fill in the stencil with desired color of acrylic paint.  For a darker finish, apply a second coat of paint once the first coat is dry.  This is the process I used.  You could also likely use a spray paint of some kind (be wary of over spray and under spray) to add metallic and other finishes to this project. 5. Allow paint to dry completely and remove the stencil from the burlap. 6. You can hang the paintings as is OR finish with a frame.  Jeremy made me these black spruce frames to match the changing table!


Hi Debbie! This was a one of a kind custom item and unfortunately we do not sell this item. Sorry!

Kyle April 17, 2021

I would like to know the price of this changing table yes in the find one I would appreciate it if you would tell me how much it is and where I can find one thank you

Debbie Buckovich April 17, 2021

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