Buck, Buck, Moose! Children's Game Review

Buck, Buck, Moose! The “fast-action, color-matchin' forest fun game!" [dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a fun little card game I found and, since I have a hard time not buying anything with a moose on it... I thought I'd give it a try! This cute game is a combination of Duck, Duck, Goose and Slap Jack. The game is appropriate for ages 4 and older ,with up to 6 players, with the price range of $11-15. Buck, Buck, Moose is made up of two sets of cards, colored moose slap cards, and skinny dealer cards. The object of the game is to collect the most moose slap cards before the dealer runs out of cards.

The Packaging

How to play: Set the slap cards in the middle in four stacks of colors next, choose one person to be the dealer, take turns. The dealer: this person deals the thin cards clockwise in front of the other players while saying “Buck” (Buck is the friendly Forest Ranger) as he goes around. Players: When the dealer flips a”Buck” card players do nothing, for a “Moose” card, players rush to slap the card in the middle that matches the color on the dealt card. The first person to slap the matching cards gets to pick up the card! Watch out for the sneaky bunny card, this one makes you loose a card! With some darling graphics, Buck, Moose is simple, fast and fun for the whole family.

Game Review

Mary Jo Reutter, creator of the game, thought of some great variations for kids who are looking to mix things up.  There are rules included for a bit more of a challenge,  players can make sets of four moose cards. She also thought of a great option for younger kiddos, with the ability to make a matching game out of the moose slap cards! Our family has really enjoyed playing this game, our 5 year old enjoys the challenge of beating Dad to the slap, our younger daughter enjoys playing as well but, she especially likes to lay out all of the card for a matching game. The Game comes in a small sturdy box with a velcro flip top and is great for travel. Although it has a bunch of card its not too many pieces to manage and packs away nicely! This game gets a two thumbs-up from this Mom!

Children's Game

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