Better BDU Belt - A Utility Belt from Spec Ops

One nice thing about a pistol class is the minimal amount of gear needed versus something like a rifle class.  That said, finding a suitable holster, mag pouch, and belt to put them on still leaves you wading through the countless options online and at local retailers.  I pretty much subscribe to the 'buy once, cry once' mentality but thought I'd risk buying the inexpensive better BDU belt from Spec Ops.  This time it paid off, and 4 years later I'm still using this product, and I'd recommend getting one for yourself.

better bdu belt The Spec-Ops Better BDU Belt

The Spec-Ops Better BDU belt is designed to be an everyday wear belt.  It's called the 'Better BDU belt' because it was designed to replace an inferior belt that is the current issued product.  I'm obviously not wearing a battle dress uniform but this belt works for me none the less.  Spec-Ops Brand is a combat-grade nylon gear manufacturing company and this happens to be the least expensive belt they make.

The belts come in three sizes.  Regular (24" to 36" waists), large (36"-46" waists) and extra-large (46"-54" waists).  I purchased three (and more since then) of the regular sizes in black.  Three of us attending the Redback One Basic Pistol course were to wear these and see how they worked.

I find myself in an airport quite regularly and with this belt being non-metallic and, according to the listed features in the packaging, airport friendly, I thought it was going to be a real plus for me.  This was until we started using the body scanner gizmos.  That said, it still features a one-piece custom molded polymer buckle that is very easy to thread and adjust for length and tension.  The 'flip tab' on the buckle looks goofy at first but after you use it the first time, you can see that it's a winning design.  The buckle also features ribs, which Spec-Ops calls 'Posi-Grip contact points' which actually hold the belt in tension even when only halfway threaded through the buckle.

better bdu belt Polymer buckle with Flip-Tab and Posi-Grip Contact Points

The belt itself is also a solid piece of nylon webbing.  The first roughly half dozen belts I purchased were a soft, supple nylon webbing.  After recently purchasing more of these belts, I believe Spec-Ops has changed their webbing pattern and the belt is a bit stiffer, which is likely better for overall support.  The belt can be had in either a 1.5" or 1.75" width and comes in a variety of colors.  The end of the belt features a double beveled heat sealed end which hasn't shown any signs of any fraying and is slick to thread through the buckle and through pant loops.  Combine the polymer buckle and nylon webbing, this belt is also lightweight, weighing in at under 4 ounces.

better bdu belt The double-beveled, heat sealed end makes for very easy threading through loops and gear.

Comfort, ease of use, and price are likely the three main reasons I can steer people toward this item.  Myself and my wife, Nicole, have used these belts for two pistol classes with no issues.  I am also wearing this belt everyday at my work.  Currently I am also utilizing this belt for EDC carry and it is showing no signs of appreciable wear or breakdown.

better bdu belt Weighing in at under 4 ounces

Spec-Ops touts this belt as being 'the easiest to adjust, most comfortable and is the only load bearing pants belt on the market today'.  They do note that this belt is in NO WAY to be considered any type of 'second chance' belt or rappelling device.  It's a pants belt...use it as such.

better bdu belt This belt worked great under the weight of a holstered firearm, double mag pouch, and pants filled with range gear.

The Spec-Ops better BDU belt (along with all their other gear) is made in the USA and features a lifetime warranty.

better bdu belt Spec-Ops Better BDU belt used at a Redback One Pistol Course

This belt held up fine for the Basic Pistol Course and we have also used this for the following Tactical/Combat course.  For someone looking for an inexpensive belt option for everyday wear or also before looking at a very stiff, sometimes quite expensive double layered nylon, triple stitched, cobra-buckle, etc. style belt for wearing a firearm, this could very well be what you are looking for.

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