Alaskan Black Bear Scales Barbed Wire Fence With Ease! (VIDEO)

Most of the time fences are there to keep people out...or in the case of many places in Alaska, keep animals out as well!  Sometimes our large mammals do find themselves INSIDE theses barriers with little chance to find a way out, except to scale up and over what is there! Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is situated on nearly 5,000 acres of land, some of which is heavily wooded and still fairly 'wild' in the sense that many animals can be found inside of this area.  With more than a quarter million flights serviced annually, it doesn't seem to deter some of these critters, even our Alaskan black bear population! In the case of this black bear, Instagram user @floschoeni caught this bear trapped inside the airport complex on a gorgeous summer day with nowhere to go. With a lack of options, this bear decided to 'grin and bear it' (no pun intended), scale the fence, and battle the barbed wire at the top. [video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video] Alaskan black bears can grow very large and a mature boar can weigh several hundred pounds.  This particular bear appeared to be medium sized and I would guess up to a few hundred pounds itself. Its evident from the video that the bear is a decent weight by the way it easily bent the barbed wire out the way for a graceful descent over the wire and safely to the ground. Also apparent in the video is the climbing skills of black bears.  This Alaskan black bear climbed up the fence, crossed the barbed wire, and easily descended the other side without falling, and I'm guessing without much in the way of injury, which cant be said for the bent fence! These skills are honed from a very early age and black bear cubs can be seen climbing trees when they're not much larger than when they're born.  I'm sure this black bear was glad to have these skills as he expertly navigated this obstacle! Alaskan Black bear climb Photo Courtesy LassenNPS For more wild and crazy situations involving Alaska bears, check out our article below! [embed][/embed]


That didn’t look easy-looks like it just circumcised itself ;D

Barbara April 17, 2021

I guess messing with a beehive wasn’t challenging enough for this bear….

Greg April 17, 2021

Cool video!

Greg April 17, 2021

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