Alaska Men’s Valentine Gift Guide!

1) Groove Rings

We've been staunch supporters of Alaska-born Groove Life which sells super high quality silicone rings for any lifestyle with insane warranties. Face it, its cold in Alaska and wearing a cold metal band can be a bear. Not to mention that its sometimes hard to put the 'real' wedding ring back on after the comfort of the silicone band!

P.S. - They're doing a 50% off BOGO for Valentines Day!

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2) Solo Stove

There are quite a few products that work as advertised. Then there are few products that work better than advertised and blow your socks off...solo stove is one of them! We got the Solo Stove Ranger model last year and I am completely blown away at how clean this thing burns, how portable it is, and how much fun it is to have huge flames coming out of this stove with almost no smoke when you build the fire right inside!

We liked this so much I bought two more Rangers for gifts and a Yukon to have in the backyard at our house!

3) The Alaska Life Explorer Bottle

Basically magic, our 32 oz Explorer Bottles make some of the best coffee thermoses, water bottles for hiking, or soup containers to have around! We've got guys using these on the job-site, in their airplanes/snowmachines/wheelers, etc, and even those catching fresh glacial runoff like in the photo below! Snag this high-quality bottle at a fraction of the price of the competition (our secret: its the same exact thing made in the same place, we just offer it cheaper)!

4) Woodies Sunglasses (Discount Code)

For under $30 you can get a pair of polarized lens mirrored sunglasses that we use fishing, driving, and all over Alaska. These are already a great value but use code "AKSHADES" at checkout to get them 5% cheaper!

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5) Battery Powered Ice Auger

I wouldn't have believed it if Colton of Drifterz Paradise didn't tell me first-hand that he drilled 68 holes through 24" of ice on one battery charge with the StrikeMaster Lithium 40-Volt Electric Ice Auger. "Game-changer" is the word he described when using this system. No propane, no gas, no mixing fuel, no mess, and TONS of power to get you through ice quickly and quietly. For someone looking to step up their ice-fishing game, look no further!

6) Binocular Pouch

We've been using the Alaska Guide Creations Bino Pouch system for years and won't be going to anything else for quite some time. These go with us on every hunt and keep a cell phone, binoculars, range finder, extra ammo, lighters, havalon knives/blades, and more all at the ready while hiking, hauling a heavy pack, and even can double as a makeshift shooting rest if needed (yes, it works!). You can snag the MAX pack if you want all the room they offer or go for the Kodiak CUB pack if you don't need the bottom basement pocket.

7) Jetboil Flash Cooking System

If you don't have a Jetboil Flash cooking system, you need one. I cannot tell you how many 10's of gallons of water we've boiled with our Jetboil stove over the years on dozens of hunts and outings. Coffee, tea, hot water for breakfast/lunch/dinner on the mountain and even another boil of hot water back at camp for a dehydrated desert after hauling your ram back to basecamp. The Jetboil flat works, and you need one.

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8) Meat Eater Cookbook

Big game, small game, birds, fish, you name it! The Meat Eater Cookbook is a great addition to any sportsman's (or woman's) kitchen! Fire up the grill and try something new with the moose, caribou, sheep, bison, or whatever else you've got in the freezer! Also, do yourself a favor and get the rapid defrost tray and wireless meat thermometer as well to help you in your quest for grilling greatness!

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9) Camping Hammmock

Even if you aren't using this for camping and just want to chill in the backyard, these hang anywhere hammocks are an inexpensive, small, and portable option to add a little something to your next outing!

10) The Alaska Life Leather Patch Hat

Our mesh-back, snap-back, genuine leather patch hats add a clean look but still let folks know how rugged and Alaskan you really are! ;)

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