Alaska Coronavirus MEME's!

We are DAYS into this worldwide pandemic and its seems that there are STILL people that aren't really taking this thing very seriously, so we thought we'd put together some Alaska-style meme's together to help rack your brain as to what you should or shouldn't be doing these days!!

If the whole health and wellness thing isn't enough to ward off this bad behavior, then how about 'Don't help ruin everyone's Alaska summer by extending the impact of this virus'

Now that we are all on the same ya go:

If you haven't come into contact with certain people lately...keep it that way!
Healthy Husky says 'STAY HOME!'
How about "Air High Fives" as an alternative?
If you're a beaver, stay in that lodge!
The basis of social distancing is just that...keeping your distance!
A potluck is likely one of the worst ideas. Large gatherings, people touching same utensils, sitting close together, all while eating. Save this activity for later.
If you're already exposed to certain people, maybe you can see Carol, Bill, or Susan. If you wanna play it safe, then skip these gatherings.
Use social media for your socializing. (PS - I know these animals aren't Alaskan animals)
Trips? Likely a bad idea in light of Anchorage's 'Hunker Down' orders that were given today
Via Alaska Memes - This is good advice!

Many of these meme's are courtesy of which is aiming to help spread awareness, so you can stop sreading this virus we are all battling. Check them out!

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