7 Great Ways To Beat The Alaska Heat This Summer

by Megan McDonald

An Alaska summer is one of the most incredible things on this planet. With a huge amount of insanely fun activities, it’s hard to narrow down to just a few things to help you beat the Alaska heat- but we rounded up seven of our favorite ways to help you cool off.

1. Get Out On The Ocean

Allen Chu / Flickr

There are a hundred wonderful things to do on the ocean, and every single one of them should help you cool off on a toasty day. Get out whale watching, try your hand at some fishing, or just jump beneath the waves. An afternoon out on the bay is the perfect way to spend a hot summer’s day!

2. Cool Off On A Glacier

Paxson Woelber / Flickr

Whether you’re ice climbing, or just strapping on some crampons and wandering around, a hot summer’s day is perfect when you’re on the ice. The breeze coming off the glacier is a nice pair to the cool ice beneath your feet. If it’s sunny, don’t forget the sunscreen! The burns can be extra painful when you’re getting that sun twice- the reflection off the ice doubles the intensity.

3. Float Down A River

Alaska Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Flickr

With an abundance of rivers in Alaska, heading out on one is a great idea with the mercury starts creeping higher. Many rivers are glacier fed, which makes them extra icy and refreshing on a hot day. Whether you’re kayaking, pack rafting, or even tubing down one of Alaska’s many rivers, it’s a lovely way to beat the summer heat.

4. Get High In The Mountains

Salil Wadhavkar / Flickr

The higher altitude can help relieve some of that summer heat. Grab some sunscreen and bear spray and head out on your favorite trail that brings you up high in that alpine glory. With any luck a brisk breeze will accompany your wanders!

5. Dig In To Your Favorite Ice Cream

Wild Scoops / Facebook

Who can resist cooling off with your favorite sweet treat? Alaska has some incredible ice cream makers, and we’re fawning over the new kid on the scene, Wild Scoops. Enjoy one of their unique Alaskan concoctions using local ingredients, like Spruce Tip or Rhubarb.

6. Beat The Alaska Heat By Jumping In A Lake

Eric Teela / Flickr

Or jet ski. Maybe break out those water skis. Perhaps swimming in giant circles on in inflatable donut is more your style! Whatever you like doing best, retreat to one of our 3 million lakes to cool off! There's good reason to, as the cool water is incredibly refreshing! And we hear the glacial mud is good for the skin, too.

7. Find Your Favorite Outdoor Patio

49th State Brewing Co Anchorage Facebook

And of course, the perfect ending to any hot summer’s day is your favorite local beer on a fantastic outdoor patio. Alaska has some incredible breweries, and plenty of gorgeous patios, so pick your favorite and head on over! The day will begin to cool off as you sip on your favorite IPA or Blonde.

What’s your favorite way to cool off from The Alaska heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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