50 Free Alaska Activities That You Can Do Without Spending A Dime

Free Alaska Activities - Having Fun On A Budget

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

Free Alaska activities come in all different forms. With such diverse landscapes and natural beauty, the Last Frontier offers an endless amount of new places to explore. Best of all—it won’t cost you a dime to find a million-dollar-view. Whether you crave peace and quiet in the great outdoors away from the crowds, or you’re looking to socialize with friends and family at a local community event, there are many things to do that won’t put a strain your budget. Although some of these adventures require the props that cost a little coin, there is still something fun for everyone to choose from. Alaska provides lots of ways to keep you busy all summer long, without breaking the bank. Check out these awesome Alaska activities and prepare to see that the best things in life really are free.
1 – Take the most epic hike of your lifetime. Flickr - Eli Duke
2 – Pitch a tent underneath the stars. Flickr - Bureau of Land Management
3 – Double your viewing pleasure with a scenic lakeside reflection. Flickr - J McDowell
4 – Fish underneath the midnight sun. Flickr - Calmuziclover
5 – Let the mist from a waterfall hit your adoring face. Flickr - Mr Hicks46
6 – Feel the cool breeze from a gorgeous glacier. Flickr - Marie LaFauci
7 – Blow off bedtime for a magical northern lights show. Pixabay - HypnoArt
8 – Grind gears on an epic mountain biking trek. Flickr - Frank Kovalchek
9 – Warm up on a cool day in a natural hot spring. Flickr - Joseph
10 – Take a walk down a new neighborhood path. Flickr - Kim F
11 – Go berry picking in bear country. Flickr - Arthur T. LaBar Make sure that you are safe, vigilant, and properly prepared for any wildlife encounters that may occur. 
12 – Skip rocks on the shores of a lake, river, or the ocean. Flickr - J. Stephen Conn
13 – Get a little muddy and live in the moment. Flickr - Arctic Warrior
14 – Soak in the seasonal wildflowers that surround you. Flickr - Kevin Duffy
15 – Explore the lush landscapes inside the largest temperate rainforest in the United States.   Flickr - Joseph

Visit Southeast Alaska to experience the remarkable Tongass National Forest.

16 – Explore vivacious colors of flora inside a lush botanical garden. Flickr - readlistendream
17 – Learn about the local culture. Flickr - Jonathan
18 – Get a little mud on the tires. Flickr - Arthur T. LaBar
19 – Visit a farmer’s market. Flickr - Joseph
20 – Load up the pups and head to the dog park. Flickr - Pretty Kate Machine
21 – Get up early and soak in an enchanting sunrise. Flickr - Samuel Oh
22 – Beat the summertime heat with chilly dip outdoors. Flickr - Eric Teela
23 – Go someplace new and let the kids be kids. Flickr - Zach
24 – Dust off a picnic table in the woods and enjoy a family meal in the middle of nature. Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
25 – When the mountains are calling, just go to the place that inspired John Muir himself. Flickr - Héctor Mota

Head to the town of Gustavus on the Inside Passage to experience the remarkable beauty of Glacier Bay National Park.

26 – Sit back and soak in ‘the great one’ whenever she shines. Flickr - Lee LeFever
27 – Escape the crowds with a leisurely paddle someplace private. Flickr - Bureau of Land Management
28 – Gather good company for a campfire and conversation. Flickr - Western Arctic National Parklands
29 – Take a long walk on the beach. Flickr - Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve
30 – Explore abandoned relics from the past. Flickr - Andrew Petersen
31 – Go window shopping. Flickr - Jonathan
32 – Do a little backcountry foraging. Flickr - Scot Nelson

From morel mushrooms to chaga, you'll find lots of delicious eats right from nature. Do your research prior to foraging so that you know what to look for and what to avoid.

33 – Stop and soak in those scenic views that you take for granted on your daily commute. Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
34 – Get lost in a sea of vibrant colors. Flickr - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
35 – Chase the sunset. Flickr - Virtous One
36 – Walk the docks. Pixabay - tpsdave
37 – Capture the bold beauty of a brewing storm. This is a free Alaska activity that is always unexpected and impossible to pull your eyes away from!  Pixabay - tpsdave
38 – Get involved with the fun events happening in your local community. Flickr - Andrei Taranchenko
39 – Get elevated on an island and experience what Alaskan paradise is all about. Flickr - Andrew Petersen
40 – Spend some time picking up trash and give back to the environment that you love and call home. Flickr - James Brooks Because it feels good to do good, and because the future of Alaska is worth every minute of your valuable time!
41 - Climb a tree and soak in a magnificent view. Courtney Dowd-Stanley
42 - Take a nap in the soft tundra. free Alaska activities Flickr - Travis
43 - Jam out to some live music. free Alaska activities Flickr - Marie LaFauci
44 - Volunteer for a cause that is near and dear to your heart. free Alaska activities Flickr - USDARD LAPAS
45 - Head to a nearby duck park to enjoy watching beautiful birds do adorable things. Free Alaska activities can even be found throughout the largest cities in the state. free Alaska activities Flickr - Jean-François Chénier
46 - Fly a kite.   free Alaska activities Flickr - Dan Logan
47 - Visit the animal shelter and take an orphaned dog out to play. Warning: you might end up with a new best friend!  free Alaska activities Flickr - James Brooks
48 - Visit a neighborhood park and play on the swingset, slides, and monkey bars. These free Alaska activities are spread all throughout communities in the Last Frontier!  free Alaska activities Flickr - Kim F
49 - Go birding. Free Alaska activities like this are also filled with the pleasant sounds of beautiful birds chirping!  free Alaska activities Flickr - Brian Henderson
50 - Stack some rocks and take a little time to meditate in a peaceful, beautiful place. free Alaska activities Courtney Dowd-Stanley
Free Alaska activities can be found around every corner. Even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, the entire state is filled with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. The Last Frontier really is an exceptional place unlike anywhere else in the world. So fuel your wanderlust this season by soaking in the majestic outdoor playground that surrounds you. If you need any more ideas specific to your region in the state, be sure to reach out and we’ll do our best to help you achieve an optimal level of fun!
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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