27 Funny Signs That Prove Alaskans Have The Best Sense Of Humor Ever

These Funny Signs Are Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

 By: Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

If you live in Alaska or you've ever visited, chances are high that you've seen some of the most hilarious, jaw-dropping roadside signs ever. In Alaska, bigger is better. And when it comes to humor, Alaska has that niche pinpointed down to a tee. While these funny signs are sometimes wildly inappropriate, there is no denying that Alaskans know how to laugh through life and constantly keep a great sense of humor. 

Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
1: No, it's not a community of chickens. It's, Chicken! A community. Population: 7.  Flickr - Jimmy Emerson, DVM
2: Not a crab lover? Seat's taken!  Flickr - _T604, copyright Bob Lai
3: Say, whaaat? Check out: Alaska's haunted Brothel Museum that'll transport you back in time Flickr - Allan Watt
4: Only in Alaska can you purchase buckshot and bobby pins in the same location. "His and hers" at it's finest!  Flickr - Allan Watt
5: Slow! The snowmen are sleeping...  Flickr - Amy Goodman
6: When online dating fails, a life-sized billboard is a great second option. ;-)  Flickr - Amy Meredith
7: Well whether or not the sign is just a deterrent, that view sure is mind-blowing! WOW!  Flickr - AnetteWho
8: "Not exact but close enough" - HA! Alaska, we love you.  Flickr - Ann Glenn
9: If you weren't thinking about it before, you are now!  Flickr - Arthur Chapman
10: Nothing makes our mouth water more than cheap beer and lousy food.  Flickr - Brian
11: DO touch. Feeling all that furry bikini softness... because once you touch, it might be too irresistible to walk away from!  Flickr - David Grant
12: Nothing gets us in the mood to light off fireworks like giant gorillas in USA bikinis. Hilarious!  Flickr - Dennis Grice
13: That is just, wild! Only in Alaska.  Flickr - Ernest Svenson
14: Going out on a boat? Our friends at Miller's Landing in Seward take that whole 'no bananas' rule pretty seriously! ;-)  Flickr - Ianqui Doodle
15: Oh, poor Sarah Palin. She will never live down this famous SNL skit that people just couldn't get enough of. So much so that they made a sign out of it.  Flickr - Jeffrey L. Cohen
16: No jokes about this one... we take these signs very seriously! Keep Alaska clean folks, it's the most beautiful place in the world!  Flickr - Jimmy Emerson, DVM
17: When winter... and then spring... just won't go away! We dress up our snowmen and make the most out of the situation.  Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
18: Alaskans and their guns! We don't find shooting signs funny at all, but it is relatively common (and so strange) in this big, rural playground that we call home.  Flickr - Karl Palutke
19: The infamous Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn. This place is just... unlike anywhere else in the world, we reckon!  Flickr - Kelly Herrin
20: Whether you're a mermaid or a seahorse... just wash your hands and don't forget to sing "Happy Birthday" twice while you're doing it. 20 seconds of washing, please!  Flickr - loren chipman
21: By the time you've read this sign, chances are high that the mosquito's have already swarmed you from top to bottom (and everywhere in between).  Flickr - slashvee
22: The most egg-cellent sign for a town named Chicken.  Flickr - Jimmy Emerson, DVM
23: Hint: If you survive the Honeymoon Hotel, chances are high that you'll have a long lasting marriage. ;-)  Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
24: International relations, with a rugged-Alaska off-grid twist.  Flickr - dgershwin
25: Ketchikan, Alaska is filled with history and humor!  Flickr - Sean O'Neill
26: We love our puffin's so listen to what they have to say!  Flickr - Bernt Rostad
27: As the snow starts to melt (but not quick enough)... Remember to do whatever you possibly can to THINK SPRING!  Flickr - JLS Photography - Alaska
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Written by Courtney Dowd-Stanley 

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Love all of these, and collected a few more when we visited from Oz a few years ago.

Marjorie Chandler April 17, 2021

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